is anyone else sick of bono?

does anyone stop and think seriously that his PIPE DREAM of no world poverty is pathetic, the amount of resources that industrialized nations use is incredible, there isnt enough, natural gas, oil, wood, chemicals, and man made items to go around. think the price of gas is high, imagine human having a car, then your going to pay 20$ a gallon, like shoping a starbucks, not if theres not enough coffee.

i am not saying that everyone else would use what we do in our lives. but why dont these "celebrates" like bonor or billy gates focus on the real and immanent danger of OVERPOPULATION
edit –
fot hose who think i am selfish, neducated, iggnoratnt , and foolish, take a hard look around, war, famins, voilence, and desieces are getting worse. and another thing, this site doesnt come with spell chell so screw u.

and as for me helping others to be a part of the solution i say this, I DONT CRE FOR THE HUMAN RACE. we are a selfish species that destroys more then we create, and even our creations are the product of dustruction. my only wish is that chicken flu pandemic happens and kill of half the humans on this world, does that make me a crazy enviromental extremist, NO, cuase i dont run around setting things on fire, or threaten people that dont agree with me, we humans are a virus on the earth

14 Responses to “is anyone else sick of bono?”

  1. TN Rebel Says:

    Bono is, and has been, an overblown egomaniac. Like so many out of touch whiny celebrities, he seeks attention in the political arena when he can’t get it elsewhere. The media have, for whatever reason, decided to make U2 an "important" band. Every generation feels a need for a musician to be an icon. John Lennon. Elvis. Gene Simmons. Kurt Cobain. Madonna. Now they shove Bono down our collective throat. The man can’t sing for crying out loud. Neither could Alice Cooper, but at least Alice stuck with music and the occaisional Hollywood Squares appearance instead of trying to force some crackpot agenda on the public.

    So long as this planet continues to spin on its axis, there will be poverty. And hunger. And disease. And war. And suffering. And American Idol it appears, which ranks right up there with the other pestilent scourges we must endure. Bono’s campaign does little more than sell CDs for his band. It keeps his name in the press. Ozzy bit bats, rappers get arrested, Kenny Chesney changes hats…it’s one of the oldest ploys in the music industry. When sales start to sag, get your name in the paper. The real tragedy is that so many continue to fall for it.

  2. Esther Says:

    Personally, I think idiots who can’t properly structure out a sentence shouldn’t breed…

  3. svallianos Says:

    The guy could do worst, don’t you think? I’m happy that he actually cares. I don’t know what his motivations are, but lets just say poverty is the first step and education about safe sex and population control is next. All good leads down one road.

    Let him do his "good" work and you can do your own "good" work.

  4. fordkiller2005 Says:

    Nope, I’m not sick of him, slurp!
    At least he’s trying, what are you doing to help save the world, huh? It would help if there was NO AIDE for women who are baby makers.

  5. Namooni Says:

    AMEN ESTHER!!!!!

  6. crone369 Says:

    It might be "pathetic" to YOU, but it means something to people that can’t (or don’t have the luxury) go to Starbucks, get a car, don’t have time to think about gas prices, etc? See where I’m going?

    Probably not.

    Overpopulation is the LEAST of our (or their) problems. People are born and die everyday. Nature has it’s way of making sure that dosen’t happen.

  7. Barbara U Says:

    YES, I am tired of all of them that get up there and dont put their money where their mouth is. Bill Gates is DOING something about it but u r right, there is not enough resources for the world’s population to live on at this point. That is why this world is going to have to end and a new one be made again. That is what the Lord is going to do and I can hardly wait!!!!!!

  8. Thin Kaboudit Says:

    Is anyone else sick of prognosticators who can’t spell or use simple English grammar worth a plug nickel?

  9. Cheezy® Says:

    You really are dumb, Why would anyone listen to some one who doesn’t know how to write a sentence? We’ll leave it up to you
    Mr. Genius you know everything (you are pathetic) Have you even tried helping other people out?

  10. Ashlee Says:

    how selfish are you? you would rather keep shopping at starbucks and drinking your nice warm coffee than see somebody who may potentially starve to death have a meal.

    Oh and by the way….why does making poverty history have to automatically equal more industry, more oil and every human having a car?

    Who is to say people living in poverty even want these things? Why presuppose that our way of life is superior?

    Getting rid of poverty should (if people would quit always looking at it with a western point of view of money and economic growth) equal allowing people to realise self dignity and fullfillment.

    Real and imminent danger of overpopulation you say? Did you know that holland is the most densley populated nation in the world and yet its people are not in real and immenent danger of extinction. Did you ever stop to think, that maybe once poor people stop needing to have children for their own survival that birth rates may decrease? Or that if living conditions were improved and thereby the liklihood of a child surviving past five would increase, that birthrates would also decrease? Combating poverty is synonymous with combating your so called "overpopulation".

  11. mu_sa_kossan Says:

    It´s getting a little bit to much now!!!

  12. u2musik Says:

    You are ridiculous! Why would it bother you in any way for Bono to be actively trying to do something thats good for humanity?? It is sick to read the comments of those of you bothered by this. If you don’t want to help and you don’t believe in the cause then just step aside and let the rest of us have our "PIPE DREAM"! Some people are just always looking for something to complain about… get a life!

  13. Christina C Says:

    Go Esther! I think someone (whether it be Bono or Billy) attempting to do something is better than whining about it :-)

  14. Cindy Says:

    YES! I am sick of Bono. He suggests that debt holders give amnesty to countries that can’t repay their loans. I suggest that Bono pay the loans. What sacrifices is he making? Why should the US taxpayer help him materialize his dream? I am sick of his moaning and whining. After all, he’s got a lot of money and until he gives it all up to help and moves into a 1000 square foot home I will see him as a hypocrit and publicity seeking egomaniac.