Is anyone finally more suspicious of the big oil companies since the price of gas dropped back below $2.00?

Since 2003, we have seen a gradual increase in the price of Gas at the pumps. Then, in 2005, after Hurricane Katrina and Rita, the prices soared to phenomenally huge prices, both at the pump and wholesale per barrel. In some cases the prices were increasing by 200%. Simultaneously, many of the Oil companies where reporting record earnings, quarter after quarter. Every year it was a new excuse or team of reasons. From the war, surge, natural disaster, supply and demand, the last five years had surged the costs of fuel. Recently, throughout the Presidential campaigns, both parties and a sort of independent interests, such as T.Boone Pickens, had begun to address the huge transfers of wealth because of our dependency on foreign oil. Also, individuals like the former Vice President, Al Gore, and tons of environmental exposes showed how we could reverse the effects of Global warming with more conscious activities to reduce the use of fuel. More folks have been car-pooling, more new car purchasers have been buying more fuel efficient cars, and more car manufactures have been making more and more eco-friendly vehicles. Now, all of a sudden, the price of gas has dropped back to almost Pre-911 prices nationally. Do you think it’s just a coincidence. Do you feel the oil companies took part in price gouging and should use some of their record earnings to re-stabilizes the economy. Do you feel the economic slow down could be attributed to their actions; not solely, but contributory more than what is reported. Your thoughts

2 Responses to “Is anyone finally more suspicious of the big oil companies since the price of gas dropped back below $2.00?”

  1. cas7075 Says:

    I would answer your lengthy question, but that would require too much reading on my part. I’m just glad it’s cheaper.

  2. Gertie Says:

    When it drops below $2 in my town I’ll let ya know. Right now it’s $2.68