Is aspirin really a petroleum based product?

I heard that somewhere, seems strange now that we think plastic and stuff is bad.

3 Responses to “Is aspirin really a petroleum based product?”

  1. 1O Cαиe Says:

    The analgesic ingredient in aspirin is a salicylate product, not a petroleum, or any other hydrocarbon.

    Who says plastics are bad?

  2. Anna Says:

    I don’t believe aspirin is a petroleum based product. I don’t have my lab notes but I made aspirin in chemistry class many years ago. I think we started with an acid, which one can’t remember exactly and I really can’t spell it now. But I didn’t use any petroleum products when I made it.

  3. greydoc6 Says:

    No. You’re thinking of Vaseline, a petroleum based gel. Generically Vaseline is called petroleum jelly or petrolatum.