Is British Petroleum finished as a viable company in the US?

How much would they have to pay you to work for them? Will you be buying their products anymore?

8 Responses to “Is British Petroleum finished as a viable company in the US?”

  1. Jynnipher Says:

    I get my gas from Costco – I don’t really know who they contract through. Do I care? Nope. Keep my prices low and I’ll shop.

    How can they not be viable? How much did they donate to bama-mama? Yeah…that’s the question.

    Did the people who own and build the pipeline pay bama too? This isn’t all about BP you know…or did you?

  2. What Says:

    No, Cons think they are a fine example of a company. Heck, they will even call you "un-American" for criticizing them.

  3. Kaiba Says:

    I hope they are finished, Fuck big business

  4. Wicked Witch's Honor! Says:

    certainly i detest them

  5. boundaries Says:

    My guess is it will depend on whether or not they can afford to buy their way out of it.
    I wouldn’t work for them because I don’t like the product. Though in saying that everyone has their price, and I’d work for them for one million dollars annual income. I’d want an employment contract for one year only. Being your ordinary average hypocrite, I will continue to buy their petrol at any of their petrol stations whenever I need to fill up my car.

  6. Comrade Otto Says:

    They way their stocks have been going, looks like they could be finished as a viable company globally

  7. renclrk Says:

    according to your mindset – they are
    reality dictates the need for an energy source which is consumed by you and provided by them
    They are not going anywhere anytime soon

  8. FizzyBubbler is Back! Says:

    Hahaha. Will it remain viable? Of course it will, it’s multi-trillion dollar cash cow in an industry the entire world is dependent on for survival. I think they’ll weather the storm.