Is drilling for more oil a dumb idea?

Here’s a list someone sent me… poor guy, he doesn’t realize how loaded with fallacies this is… but decide for yourself – and critique his points, so I can send it back to him. Love Jack

Let me take just a second to review the top 10 reasons offshore drilling is such a dumb idea:

10. Offshore oil drilling won’t impact gas prices today, and it won’t have a significant impact on gas prices in the future.

9. This is nothing more than a money grab by the oil companies – who are already making record-breaking profits due to our occupation of the Middle East.

8. We burn 25% of the world’s oil here in the U.S., but we have only 3% of the world’s oil reserves. So even if all offshore oil magically came to market today, the vast majority of our oil would continue to be imported, and we wouldn’t see price relief at the pump.

7. The current moratorium was put in place decades ago to protect us from the danger of oil spills along our coastlines and beaches.

Burning fossil fuels like oil causes global warming, which causes stronger hurricanes, which will threaten the very offshore drilling rigs being proposed, which will contribute to even more global warming!

5. Oil exploration requires massive seismic testing – which threatens whales and dolphins (which threatens our total ecology.

4. To avoid the worst impacts of global warming, we need to switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy within the next 10 years.
The billions of dollars that would be spent on offshore oil drilling just postpones the inevitable transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

3. Oil prices are set on the global oil market, so American oil is no cheaper than Saudi oil. We won’t get a discount for oil drilled in the U.S.

2. We can’t solve the world’s energy problems with the same drilling that created them.

1. Renewable energy is available now, so it’s time to walk away from fossil fuels and toward a clean energy future.

For those of you saying its a dumb idea please tell me WHY – and back it up with sources, please.

18 Responses to “Is drilling for more oil a dumb idea?”

  1. slobendz Says:

    IF every car in this country was parked for good. NO VEHICLES.

    We’d still need 5 million barrells a day.

    The fact that one even has to ask the question… "Should we drill"…

    Is like saying when you are hungry, should we eat?


    Alternative energy is just that, an alternative. That’s is. It will never , ever replace OIL.

    Oil is a WORLD commodity that is the LIFE BLOOD of the WORLD economy, to say that we don’t need to drill is pathetically stupid.

    US Oil production is at it’s lowest point since the 1940’s!!!!!

    ENOUGH BS.. DRILL HERE, DRILL NOW and increase the world supply.

    We ALSO need to CONSERVE, and research, develop and deploy alternative fuels.

    It will Take ALL of these approaches to get us out of this mess.

  2. Fence Sitter Says:

    Yeah, it is.

  3. southernmale42 Says:

    Drilling has to happen if we ever want to be on the road to being energy free. Anyone that thinks otherwise is not using their brains, just their kool aid filled hearts.

    EDIT- Middleclass, what do you suggest? blow your hot air into the tires to inflate them to be on the road to energy free? We have to drill, no other choice. Have another drink of kool aid and keep thinking with your heart instead of your brain.

  4. Page1344 Says:

    Yes it is.

  5. Saakashvili Says:

    Very much is.

  6. AFCadetSteel Says:

    Survey’s show that the quantity of oil in ANWR matches or exceeds that of Suadia Arabia.

    Why not drill there?

    To save the fucking carabou?

  7. Middleclassandnotquiet Says:

    great question. Loved the answer " Drilling has to happen if we ever want to be on the road to being energy free" Uh, sure, more drilling will do it…and drinking kool-aid will make drink more milk….good luck getting answers…

  8. angelo Says:

    No, it’s a great idea. When Americans produce oil and demand high prices for it, the foreign producers will wise up and lower their prices to be competitive. If we don’t drill, everyone will know that we need oil and we’ll pay any price.

  9. It's That Guy Says:

    These are all valid points, though some are more valid than others.

    I think there are better arguments to be made against offshore drilling and ANWR drilling.

    1. President Clinton sold the oil companies 68 million acres of proven reserves in the continental US. They are sitting on these leases. If we need more oil, why don’t we drill those first? Obama even has a plan to take the leases away from them if they don’t use them.

    2. All the oil coming out of ANWR will go to the Far East because it’s cheaper to ship it there than to the west coast of the US. Politicians never seem to mention this. We had a ban on importing Alaskan oil but it ran out during Clinton’s term and was never renewed. Currently 15% of American oil production is exported. If we simply banned export, we would have more oil, right now, than we would have in 10 years if we drilled offshore.

    3. We all know oil is running out. We should have been working on the next big energy source for DECADES now. We could save more oil by re-instituting CAFE standards (corporate average fuel economy) than drilling offshore or ANWR.

    4. It’s really clear that our energy policy is run primarily to benefit the oil companies, not the country at large. That’s why it’s kept secret. It’s not a coincidence that our president, vice president, secretary of state, and about 30 other top officials in the Bush administration come out of the oil industry.

  10. Sunkissed Says:

    I think downgrading my car to an fuel efficiency was enough. Whats next riding a bike. Communist China just emerge from the bicycle riding era.

  11. ilovesqueak Says:

    mate drilling for oil was bad from the start lol earth is dieing and the idiots in charge are just speeding it up

  12. tys7344 Says:

    We will be drilling for more of our own oil. People are getting tired of having to rely on imported oil. As far as explaining to people why it’s a good idea, it’s pointless. They have no idea about supply and demand economics. And the person that came up with those 10 comments is looking to justify agreeing with his political party. He’s too far gone.

  13. Hung H Says:

    10) What is wrong with planning for the future. failure to plan got us where we are right now.
    9) The government makes more per gallon than the energy companies; why isn’t your conspiracy theory directed at them.
    8) An increase oil supply would only be a piece in the puzzle. We would also need to exploit natural gas, coal and nuclear power
    7) Drilling along the coastline is demonstrably safer than putting oil on a boat and sailing it across the ocean; think about it.
    6) Unproven
    5) Untrue; dolphins are known to make habitats around the oil platforms. When my uncle worked on a platform he said that they all adopted an elephant as their ersatz pet.
    4) Your so called renewable energy sources are not technologically able to support our economy and energy needs.
    3) True but an increased supply WOULD reduce costs
    2)That is like saying you cannot drink your way out of being thirsty.
    1) renewable energy is far from ready; unless you are referring to nukes.

  14. How Big is Your Govt Check Says:

    why aren’t you using this cheap renewable oil? why isn’t Gore? Why isn’t Pelosi and her big jet?

    The answer is no

  15. VoiceOfReason Says:


  16. fdm215 Says:

    Drilling is not a "dumb" idea. We’re drilling now. Expecting to be able to solve our energy needs through domestic drilling IS DUMB. Ignoring the fact that we need alternatives IS DUMB.

  17. Alumnus Says:

    Good arguements.

  18. 10-T3 Says: