Is drilling for oil in Alaska worth it? ?

Sure, ending foreign dependency on oil is what everyone claims this will do for us, as well as lower gas prices, but is this really the case? How long would it take for us to actually extract/refine the oil before it sees its way into the market? How much would it cost to setup such drilling operations? It can’t be cheap! Wouldn’t that cost show its head in the prices? People will obviously pay just about anything for a gallon of gas, so what oil company in their right mind would cut the price just because they can? It doesn’t seem like oil companies have ever been interested in cutting us a good deal. In 50-100 years, when the wilderness of Alaska is gone and we have rung out every last drop of oil like a sponge, will it have been worth it? Or is it smarter to simply live and let live and invest our time and money in something more renewable and sustainable now? Seems to me like the best way to reduce foreign dependency on oil is to reduce our dependency on oil altogether. Wouldn’t a competitive and alternate product have better chances of gaining market foothold and be able to cut the cost of said product to give oil a run for its money?

2 Responses to “Is drilling for oil in Alaska worth it? ?”

  1. Loren S Says:

    the figure i keep hearing is no relief until 2030 AD and then very little. in stead of looking for alternative fuels the big oil companies are trying to milk the last drop of oil from the earth while making a windfall profit and sending the wealth of the United States to the arab countries and the Wall Street speculators.

  2. GyspieWoman Says:

    Gosh, finnaly someone who actually said something that makes sense! Do people think that oil is just going to last forever? I am a total environmentalist. I changed my diet, what I carry my grocery bags out of the store in, what companies I buy from, where I get my gas from, what kind of car I drive, what paper products I use ( all recycled- paper towels, napkins, toilet paper, printer paper, sketch paper, envelopes, you name it, I buy it recycled), what dog food I buy, what paper clips and pens, etc.

    Oil is not going to last forever. Read The Inconvenient Truth to see the plain facts and figures of oil and the earth and what the heck is going on on this planet…. as it is the only one we currently have to inhabit, I would think everyone would be willing to make sure Earth is taken care of. Did you know that 3 trillion plastic bags end up in the landfill every year in the United States alone? A lot of other countries around the world have banned plastic bags! Reusable bags are much better- made from recycled materials, they last forever, never rip or tear. Easy to carry, washable, cheap ( only 99 cents), available at Krogers, Publix, Brookshires, Food Lion, Walmart, PetCo, Books a Million, Super One, Target, etc.

    Did you know that Sarah Palin sued the U.S. Government when they listed the Polar Bears as endangered, because it messed up her drilling for oil? Decreased her profits. She is made out to be a nature lover, but hunts and fishes daily. She is seen most times in pictures with fur stoles, entire bear carcasses, and animal heads mounted around the rooms. Realy nice, huh? And she says, lets drill, drill, drill. Of course she says that, she is in the oil business. SCREW the polar bears, let the die and ruin the ecosystem and food chain, just so we can have more oil that will be gone in 40 years any how. Sounds like a great plan.

    It is smarter to invest in clean energy- no coal or oil. try sun and wind and water. they work great- better than oil, will never ever run out, well, if the sun runs out we are in deep shit any how, LOL, and are cheaper than oil.