Is everyone so happy that Barack Obama & Liberal Democrats finally! see the light on Offshore Drilling =) ?

High gas prices can be linked to job loss… and job loss to high gas prices.

When oil is in abundance, oil makes gas, and gas goes into our cars “so we can get to work” (Common sense)

Drilling American oil “creates jobs” and keeps the profits here at home in America, duh. Aren’t you glad that Barack Obama finally is seeing it that way?

Do you think he’s finally beginning to do what he is supposed to do so he can align himself with 74% of middle class working America?

Specially with unemployment rising to 6.1% now….

“Allowing more offshore drilling is seen as the solution by many Americans and politicians.

"Drill, baby, drill!" was the chant from the crowd at this week’s Republican National Convention.

When they left for August recess, lawmakers were in a stalemate over Congress’ offshore drilling moratorium, with Republicans seeking to lift it and (( Democrats )) wanting to keep the ban.

Democratic leaders softened their position during the break, after their party’s presidential nominee Barack Obama changed his position. Democratic leaders now say they will have a vote on opening additional offshore areas to drilling as part of a larger energy package.”

Does everyone think this means that Nancy’s democratic led congress will lift the ban on offshore drilling and start getting some things done now in congress?

Are you liberal democrats so happy now that after recess time is over Barack Obama finally sees things like the rest of America does?

20 Responses to “Is everyone so happy that Barack Obama & Liberal Democrats finally! see the light on Offshore Drilling =) ?”

  1. jagsfan Says:

    They’ll only see it as long as they are running for election, but if they win they’ll just let themselves get influenced by crazy nut job environmentalist who care more about a few caribou then the American people.

    EDIT: More drilling does not mean we can’t move forward with other technologies. It will hold us over and make us less dependent on foreign oil, while we get those other technologies viable, and with infrastructure.

  2. steve in arlingtonVA Says:


    I’m an Obama supporter and I’ve always supported more drilling.

  3. treppab Says:

    i’ll be happy when they realize that Obama isn’t the way

  4. Jennybobenny Says:

    yeah we’ll also see how it effects our environment….keep away from my polar bears or you’ll be sorry!

  5. Ask Andy Says:

    pssh, I swear, he wets his thumb and feels which way the wind is blowing and follows it. hes abandoning what he believes.

  6. bronson p Says:

    well, i was always for offshore drilling,but drilling in the anwr is fucking stupid.

  7. playmaker4747 Says:

    "This a problem we can’t drill our way out of."

    —-T. Boone Pickens

    Let’s find a real solution.

  8. superstar3783 Says:


  9. bailie28 Says:

    he still doesnt get it…seriously..they dont either..they love welfare

  10. 8 Yrs Bush now Ex Republican Says:

    I think we should start drilling on the plot of land right behind your double-wide!

    If you can’t afford the price of gas, get an education, then get a better paying job! Stop waiting for the government to solve your problems.

  11. Choosing Life For Me ~ Experiencing A Break Over~ Says:

    John McCain changed his position as well, so what is your point exactly?

    Drilling isn’t answer. It will be a long time before the oil will be ready and it won’t fix the problem we face with a lack of resources or pollution.

  12. tinamnut Says:

    Nancy Pelosi is an idiot who is probably Barack Obama’s protege.

  13. jaunny wingo Says:

    yes, happy happy drill drill

  14. Chris H Says:

    I think it would be more accurate to say Obama changed his position in order to garner votes. He hasn’t changed his core philosophy, just flip-flopped on an issue he was losing on.

  15. Exitwound Says:

    We have high gas prices, cuz the president didn’t sign the windfall tax that was in place since Pres. Ford, and every pres. has signed since.
    The Arabs needed a peace offering for us to be over there.

    Oil man in office and gas goes up. 1+1=2

  16. mythikal_x Says:

    We can’t make offshore drilling a permanent solution, but I think maybe Obama is trying to come to a compromise until we get backup on Alternative energy. Once the oil is gone, it’s gone. Then what?

  17. railroad dave Says:

    funny how they chanted drill baby drill at the RNC , i didnt hear one conserve baby conserve , or solar or wind power . no , they STILL want us dependent on oil . im sick of the BS from both the Rs and Ds , im voting for true change with Nader .

  18. Daniel P Says:

    there’s more oil in america than the entire middle east. we should have done this a long time ago. democrats and environmentalists blocked this from happening. i’m glad i’m not the only person who’s sees oil as a solution to our problem. an oil boom will create thousands of jobs in many sectors.

  19. Natalie U Says:

    The problem with drilling more, is that it keeps us dependent on oil. It’s time we developed alternatives, and stopped using a dwindling non-renewable resource.
    Yeah, it’s safer now to drill offshore than it used to be, we have better tech, so I don’t have much of a problem with it. Obama is being sensible that way.
    I’m just worried what would happen if a hurricane ever hit those drilling platforms dumping millions of barrels of oil into the ocean. But if it can be done safely, fine, it will give us a little more breathing room until we can develop electric cars, wind, alcohol, fuel cell, hydrogen and bio diesel. That is, without taking land away from food production.
    However, the oil companies have leases on public lands they aren’t even using, demanding tax breaks, and not even paying the fees they are contracted to pay, and the Republicans have been letting them get away with it for decades. They owe the government billions on those leases, and don’t pay a dime.
    What makes this whole thing even more upsetting is that…
    There Is No Shortage Of Oil. We actually have a glut at the moment.

    Think about it. Back when Carter was president and there really was a shortage, gas stations would run out, there were long lines at gas pumps, and low supplies drove the prices up. But now, we’re floating in a sea of oil, but have high prices anyway, because of the commodity speculators. They get away with driving the price up at any excuse – oops, a storm in the Gulf of Mexico, price goes up. Oops, Russia is tightening supplies to Ukraine, price goes up. Oops, China is building cars, price goes up. Whoops, the king of Saudi Arabia is in town, price goes up.
    They make money hand over fist, the oil companies make billions in record profits, the middle men who never even see the oil get their cut for doing nothing but owning it for a day or so, and America pays through the nose. More oil is not the solution. At best, it doesn’t make things worse by much.

  20. Tia Says:

    No. McCain was against drilling too until he found out it polled well then he flip-flop. You act like things are going to happen overnight. You are so naive and believe everything the Republicans tell you. Have you all forgotten we are in this messed because of a Republican president name Bush? If we start drilling for oil now, we won’t see that oil in the market for 22 years or more. We are kidding ourselves if we think we can drill our way of these problems. We need to invest in alternative forms of energy. American auto makers need to produce autos that utilize new technologies. America has been lazy gluttons for too long. It’s time we used our resources to rid ourselves of our dependence on oil. ~:>