Is Gas cheaper to heat your home than electricity??

I live in the Twin Cities in MN, and gas prices for natural gas is like $.86 per whatever. I have a gas fireplace… and i was wondering if i bought an electric heater for to heat my rooms, would i save money using electricity than using natural gas??

7 Responses to “Is Gas cheaper to heat your home than electricity??”

  1. Flying Felix Says:

    Natural gas would be much cheaper.

  2. Gene Scott Star Says:

    It depends on the size of the place you are heating, basicly if your talking something small, such as a one bedroom apartment, electric heat would be cheaper. If it’s a full sized house, go with gas or natural gas heat.

  3. Mischa N Says:

    Gas is cheaper, but more dangerous.

  4. Bert C Says:

    What are you heating your house with now? Surely not just the fireplace. If you already have gas heat, use it not an electric space heater. Gas is CONSIDERABLY cheaper than electric heat.


  5. life is good Says:

    Propane and natural gas prices are expected to rise 22% this year. Electric is only supposed to rise 7%. For the short term, electric is cheaper.

  6. scout485 Says:

    Heck no. Electricity is usually produced by burning natural gas or coal. It is a secondary product. Gas is a primary product, and much cheaper to heat with. Small electric heaters really suck the energy, as they stay on too much. Use your gas heat as much as possible.

  7. tropixz_2000 Says:

    N/Gas is cheaper is to heat your home than electricity. You can buy a kerosene heater but the smell may bother you. Stick w/Ngas ….a portable heater w/ a thermostat would be a temporary fix for one room. As much as you perceive that electric is cheaper– it is a myth……NATURAL Gas still is!!