Is it better to drill for oil or for gas?

How can we stop rising oil prices and serve our demand for energy?

5 Responses to “Is it better to drill for oil or for gas?”

  1. whimsy Says:

    We need to focus our monetary resources and creative energy towards moving away from carbon-based fossil fuels altogether.

    Natural gas, though, is cheaper and cleaner and is more efficient in the energy havested per mole of fuel

  2. Infernal Disaster Says:

    You don’t drill for gas, gas is petroleum product that is refined from oil.

    The real problem is not so much the price, but our dependency on foreigh oil which leads to unstable prices.

  3. semper_paratus_1776 Says:

    Like Europe we generate electricity with nuclear power, wind, tides, and solar. By drilling for oil and gas we augment our needs now until scientists can come up with workable hydrogen or other solutions for transportation.

  4. How_Would_I_Know Says:

    oil and natural gas are both important, and both need to be drilled for. It’s like asking is it better to eat or drink. We need both.

  5. smrt1 Says:

    The quickest and easiest way to help this energy problem is to allow more nuclear power plants to be built. That would free up so many energy sources that we could thumb our noses at the oil companies.

    I think the oil people would find many ways to kill my idea. They have created the perfect conditions to make us loosen up the moratorium on drilling our coasts and wilderness areas!