Is it haram to live in a mortgage house?

I want to add more clarification to my question.Here is the scenario. I am leaving in a house in India where I have given 10lakhs rupees for a period of 3yrs for staying in the house of the owner.The owner has the full right to sell the property or vacate us from house by repaying back the money during the tenure and not necessary at the end of the tenure.The only obligation b/w both parties here would be that we would leave in the piece of land provided by him until he would give us the moneyback and he would not be able to vacate us unless we are repaid.We would not take any extra amount from him during the tenure or give any extra amount to him.Is it haram ?

4 Responses to “Is it haram to live in a mortgage house?”

  1. Jesus, the Only Name that Saves Says:

    yes it is. everything is haram in Islam. Try to come to Christ and you will be free from the yoke of all those dos and donts

  2. Existentialist Absurd Hero Says:

    Haram or not. Don’t you have SOME kind of written contract, or standard legal precedent to follow. Otherwise a lot of opinions.

  3. Tris Says:

    I am an negative atheist, so I don’t speak with authority on this issue. However, I don’t think it is haram to borrow money at what the Islamic code might deem too high a rate, but to lend money at the same rate prolly would be.

  4. Chanel Says:

    From what I understand, you are paying money for the right to live in a house.

    Renting a house from someone is halal.