Is it hypocritical to use gas but be against drilling for oil here?

How can people be against drilling for oil here, while still putting gas in their cars? It has to come from somewhere.

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  1. sdvwallingford Says:

    There is a great deal of hypocricy in a lot that we say here in the USA as opposed to what we do.

    We say that we do not want oil to spoil the environment, yet we think it is okay to import oil from Russia, whose ancient infrastructure spills as much into the pristine Siberian landscape every year as was spilled by the Valdiz tanker.

    We say that we want workers to be protected, yet we line up to buy cheap products manufactured by slave and prisoner labor in a Communist dictatorship.

    We say that we want the government to mandate conservation for everyone else, yet we continue to waste energy on everything individually.

    We say that we want fiscal responsibility and for everyone to pay their fair share, yet we allow corporate welfare to dispense tax payer dollars to individuals and corporations that will invest the money overseas to avoid US tax laws.

    Yes, there is hypocricy in EVERY direction you look (left AND right)!

  2. Holy Cow Says:


    If we don't have enough oil, why are we exporting it?

  3. Michael D Says:

    People that think drilling for oil offshore obviously don’t watch the news. Democrats AND Republicans both agree that prices at the pump will not be affected by offshore drilling (it takes 7-10 years to see first signs of oil from those reserves once drilling begins).The American people are clinging to anything and everything that has the notion of lowering prices at the pump. Unfortunately, this is not one of them.

  4. Baby1 Says:

    You just described the entire theology of the demorcatic party.

  5. Forget War Buy More Says:

    We do drill for oil in the US.

    And many of us are making lifestyle changes.

  6. Quinn22 Says:

    Hypocrisy or stupidity. Take your pick……..

  7. Max50 Says:

    Yes I think those who don’t want to drill off the coast should have their car taken away.
    The power company pulls their meters and they do it on their own.

  8. Mirriam M Says:

    No more than claiming to want to drill for more gas while not making any effort to conserve what you have…

    But explaining hypocrisy to a republican is a challenge. It’s like explaining water to a fish. They are unaware of the medium that keeps them alive…

  9. Jacob W Says:

    Of course! Add to that the fact that many of the biggest environmental proponents are the largest fossil fuel consumers.

    I am still trying to figure out how Pelosi figures that despite the fact that every other country on earth is drilling for oil, not doing so in America will save the world.


  10. texaslibsticker Says:

    It is hypocritical to not allow a vote, and dictate to the NATION her messed up view of energy. She calls herself open minded, she said she was non partisan, she said she was intelligent, and she took an oath to protect the people of the US.

    She needs to be dragged out of her house in San Francisco, and shot for treason!

  11. mr p Says:

    of course

  12. thebigshowernie Says:

    We have to use gas in order to accomplish tasks that are requirements in our daily life such as providing a decent shelter, going to work, providing a decent living for our family etc. There are so many things that we use gas for that it would almost be impossible not to use it. Using the gas is something that most Americans do out of necessity. If we had another type of fuel to use we would use that instead. You are forgetting that if we drill here it would take at least 7-10 years to develop and would only affect the oil prices a small percentage. Listen to people like Pickens who have worked in oil their whole lives and are stating that domestic drilling will not solve the energy problem.

  13. jacobjack_09 Says:

    will your SUV run on water? I’m converting my truck to propane. Try to read some, read about global warming and it’s cause. BTW, if you would read some you would already know that Exxon Mobil had profits of $46 billion in 2007 and put a very small amount into exploration in the USA. Most was paid to stock holders like Bush Sr. and Cheney. If you would read some you would already know that big oil already has 68 million acres of public land under lease and big oil has decided not to explore
    for more oil on that public land. Big oil also has many wells in the USA capped just to dry up supply and drive up the price of oil on the market..
    If you would read some you would already know that even if we find more oil offshore and in ANWAR we can not convert it into gas with current capacity. That new capacity takes 10-20 years to build.

  14. pa2ad0x Says:

    I think we should use other countries oil first, that way, when they run out, we will either have our own alternative energy technology to sell to them, or we sell them our own oil at $300 a barrel and make back all our money.

    The Middle East will turn into a 3rd world area again once they run out of oil, because all they invest in is weapons to try and kill their neighbor, just wait…

  15. Miss Lakenheath 1959 Says:

    Is it hypocritical to demand new drilling just as "new government data showed American petroleum product EXPORTS hit record levels"?


    What the…????

  16. colorado kid Says:

    — It is what we call the NIMBY (not in my back yard) syndrome in Colorado. People want their four thousand dollar high tech mountain bikes….with molybdenum allow frames and rims, but, they do not want mining in “their” mountains…..see: Crested Butte, Colorado.
    People want electricity, but, not nuclear power plants, which is what France and a lot of the rest of the countries in the world are using…very safely…

  17. mjmayer188 Says:

    Yes, I think it sort of is, or at least it shows a level of disconnect between what people say, and how we live. It would be better for all of us if the oil came from the US, and at $120.00 per barrel, there is enough money in it to do it in a safe and enviromentally freindly manner.

  18. TomT Says:

    Democrats love paying high prices for gas. At least that’s how they vote.