Is it illegal to slant drill or directional drill for Oil or gas in Texas?

I keep reading about it been illegal to slant drill in Texas, but I can't find a law reference. We were told at a recent seminar in Fort Worth that the oil companies would use a single platform to directional drill for gas in our neighborhood and the platform would be at least 600 feet from the nearest resident. Where would I find the Texas law about oil drilling without get a lawyer.

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  1. JOHN B Says:

    You need to check the Oil Drilling regulations of the Texas Railroad Commission (despite the name, it is the state agency that controls oil wells and the oil industry in the state of Texas. )They promulgate specific regulations regarding practices like "slant hole drilling", since a famous case in Texas on this subject back in 1961, which established the law in the state on that subject..

    the Railroad Commission worked on some of its most interesting regulatory problems in the 1960s. One case that captured the public’s imagination was the so-called “slant hole” drilling case in East Texas in 1961. A total of 93 wells were found to have been drilled at an angle in order to pump oil from underneath neighboring property. Faced with this new technique of stealing, the legislature passed a law stating that a well could not deviate more than three degrees from the vertical.

    See, 43 Texas Law Review, 772.

    Ralph W. Dau and Shannon H. Ratliff, Pipeline and Lender Liability for Slant-Hole Production, 43 Texas L. Rev. 772 (1965).

  2. your_name_here Says:

    good luck drilling for gas.

  3. m c Says:

    It sure is illegal. The property you drill under, will get their profits, you can bet on that and it will not cost them a penny for all the drilling you done to help them make some money. Google search is good or under

  4. moonwalk Says:

    take a gun and shoot a hole in the ground,it worked for Jed Clampett
    maybe you will find your bubbling goo.