Is it "landlord" or "landyard"?

my friend and i were making little braclets and i said " give me the landyard stuff" and she said,"my grandpa is a landyard(land owner)" . i said" dont you mean landlord?" so were are having a compition to see whose right.
is the correct name for a land owner: A. Landyard OR B.Landlord

4 Responses to “Is it "landlord" or "landyard"?”

  1. Crissy Says:

    Landlord – is a home owner who rents out the property to someone else. Lord over his Land.
    Landyard – is not a word

  2. curlee Says:

    your right!! tell your friend to suck it haha

  3. Jarrain Says:

    B. Landlord

  4. NoNameArtist Says:

    A landyard (lanyard) is a short cord or rope. A landlord is someone who owns land (or lord of land).