is it ok to buy reliance petroleum a this stage for long term ?

are there any sites which tell you the target price setted by big financial firms(mutual funds and all) for a particular stock ?

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  1. brian c Says:

    you can check a stock through yahoo finance. one of the things they list is the brokers buy/hold/sell status of a stock, many brokers can report on a stock and can have different recommendations. Another thing they will tell you is what they feel the stock price will be a year from now.

  2. tsanders12 Says:

    q1: no

    q2: yes. Yahoo finance.

  3. mdrali2001 Says:

    he this is ali,
    one line answer for your query
    yes. will i buy it? yes now read on for detail.

    RPL is going to to be a big multibagger it will take time but it will be the indias number one company and mukesh ambany will make it. they are professionals as for as managing the bussiness is concern.
    now think about it economy is growing at 7 % if not 8-9% percent and every collage going kid, every new guy who got a job wants to have bike and every groom wants it as dovry, the same story is tih girls also dont forget those scooty’s
    now the demand is going high the is it the supply is growing as it should be not really rigth ? and prices are tuching roofsif not sky? and if there is acompany whose share you can buy at this level and if you loose this opertunity rigth now after this crash something going oo in US globasll economy blah blah ,,,,,,,, then i am a fool who is explaning this things to you.
    if your buying it for somehting like price target or swing trade this things need some things else diffrent analysis i am explained this thing as a investment point of view ok,
    buy it hold for few years and c what will happen you will proud to be say that this is your lifes best investment.

    time to say by -Ali