Is it possible to burn the spilled crude oil on water surface?

Looks like BP finally put the 150,000 lbs lid on the leak! Hope they really stopped the leak and didn’t start somewhere else. What’s next? How are they going to clean-up the floating crude oil from the ocean surface?

It’s been leaking for 3 months now. Is it possible to burn the millions of gallons of oil floating around the ocean surface? If there is a chance, I think that is less hazardous compared to leaving the oil on the surface for months, affecting sea life and coastal life.

Any thoughts, suggestion or Ideas?

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  1. It just struck me like lightning Says:

    They tried that already. But the oil on the surface is so thin it is like a piece of paper. The water cools it off immediately. Most oil will be broken up by natural oil eating microbes as well as evaporate. There are heavy globs yes, but crude oil is more similar to roofing tar rather than old crankcase oil, so there is a variety of components that make up crude. Besides, you know, the first hurricane through the area will move that oil onto land and onto buildings….so totally out of the water. Is not fixed yet. They have to be sure it does not blow out from the bottom of the BOP which will really be uncontainable. They want to close this hole off permanently with cement. I think because everything is kinda "iffy" right now.

  2. More failures way 2 success Says:

    its really dangerous. Scientists std tht, this is the biggest oil leak ever. Already lot of birds, aquatic animals were died. Obama acted very passively. Now this time, there is a formation of cyclone which makes the crude oil sea water to travel 100km/s and trying its best to mix with all the sea water in the world. Who knows i may watch it one day in marina beach with the tides.
    Then, one more doubt, ninga enna kumar annavoda trolla?
    Avarku questionku keykavey theriyaathey, ninga eppadi vara vara questiona kettu asathuringa.

  3. . Says:


  4. Seedling Says:

    They tried that a couple of months ago. Believe me, I could smell it here (central Florida).

  5. Homemaker Says:

    what’s floating there is not oil, but money. millions of gallons of oil could have fed millions of starving children around the world. highly-paid architects and engineers, million-dollar worth maintenance and stuff, and this still happened! shame on BP.

  6. m Says:

    They burn it daily.
    If you look at BP’s stock news feed, it’s really revolting.
    They brag daily about how many barrels of oil were collected and burned, and how many cubic feet of natural gas were flared.
    This spill will not kill us via the water. The coverup efforts will kill us via the air. The carcinogenic, respiratorily damaging VOC and carbon monoxide levels being released are sufficient to warrant evacuation of the Gulf states, but to do so would cause waves of panic throughout the country.
    Burning the oil is not the answer.

  7. shiroorkar Says:

    No,this can not be a solution to the problem. We all are worried about the global warming and its ill effects,we are thinking to reduce the same and not to increase. Also by buring the problems will increase in number and lead us to unending harms. we should think of reducing the problems and not increasing. As the crude oil is a floating matter at present it is only affecting the aqualife but ifit is burnt that is definately affect aqualife as well as other lifes on the earth.

  8. Bob Says:

    Yes they can and they have been. But it only works on concentrated oil. Most of the oil will be eaten up by natural oil eating bacteria. It will just take a little time.

  9. Michel Rock Says:

    yes it is possible but it can create smoke clouds like volcanic smoke clouds in Iceland recently. his in turn can be a damage to the global air traffic.