Is it possible to power vehicles with natural gas?

Also, if it’s possible, because natural gas is so cheap, wouldn’t it much cheaper than gas/diesel? It seems like a much better option in terms of price/gallon and environmentally as well.

4 Responses to “Is it possible to power vehicles with natural gas?”

  1. Unbound Variable Says:

    It is possible to power vehicles with natural gas. I often ride a buss that is powered by natural gas. I don’t know much about the pros and cons, but one pro is that we have a lot of natural gas in the US. One of the cons is that it is not as energy dense as gasoline, so you need larger tanks.

  2. Lenny Brents Says:

    Of course it’s possible. But the problem is, commercial personnel hide all these natural resources, so people would still continue patronizing their products to make more and more money.

  3. Spicey Boy Says:


  4. Necromancer Abyss Says:

    Yes, there are many CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) vehicles in use. In coutries like India, CNG passenger vehicles are common and there are many CNG refill stations.