Is it really possible to talk to trees?

Well, weirdness could have probably invaded your second thought after reading my question. Yes. Is it really possible? In our yard, we have lots of fruit trees which includes avocado, rambutan, mangosteen, mango, santol, chico, guava and before, we have jackfruit, twin marang trees, banana,coconut and papaya..yep. a lot of fruits but now only rambutan and mangosteen left. I have been giving them FOR FREE to anyone like friends and classmates whenever the fruits are in season. I have never tried selling it. One early morning when I was 15 yrs old, that was around last week of february 2007, I hugged the avocado tree and told it how grateful i am for its fruits.(Our maid was even laughing at me when i did this.) After, I told the tree that it shall not die so that i could still share the deliciousness of its fruits to anyone for free. And then, suddenly, the wind is strange and i had an insight telling me that the tree shall die once its fruits are sold.. and so I promised to the tree that it will never happen coz no one’s selling them.. I even told everyone in the house about this and laughed at me. The avocado tree at that time is in season. At around 2nd week of march 2007, i noticed that there were a lot of leaves falling from avocado tree.. and as days pass by, it looked dried and almost dying! So i asked everyone about that "selling stuff".. my mother told me a stranger inquired if they could buy the fruits and when my aunt came, the owner of the land, she sold the fruits to prevent accident during a party.(accident because the party was held just under the tall avocado tree and my aunt’s afraid the fruits would fall anytime). And so that’s it. Since the tree has almost dried up, it has to be cut. During that day, I asked the tree if I could ever see it again. Then i had an insight again that we will and the cause will be its seed(from the fruit) being planted. and then everything stopped. I can’t feel it anymore. .Then I rushed looking for fruits in its dried branches. I tried to plant but all of them didn’t even sprout. So I thought everything was just in my mind. And now it’s this.. A year ago, april 2009, I was surprised to see some avocado fruits (same variety as the one that died) on our living room. And so i asked my mom who brought them and told me it was from my other aunt (who lives near our vacant lot). So I visited our lot and I asked my aunt about the avocados. I was so surprised when she pointed the tree and told me that she planted a seed from our dead avocado tree days before it totally dried up and died. I was so emotional that time and i almost cried because of happiness. The tree was right. We will see each other again. I hugged the new avocado tree and blessed it to grow and bear fruits for everyone to freely eat like what the old tree did. P.S. This is not a made-up story just in case someone out there would post something like that. Sigh. And last year, I befriended an Acacia tree. I don’t know but I really got fascinated to it and spent almost hours just watching it sway its branches.. Then strange wind blew and i had an insight that it was inviting me to go during the night.. i never went there because it’s very dark. so i never went. Until one time, i told my buddy about this and he decided to come along with me. there’s no harm in trying, right? so we went there during a night. You know what? I was so happy that time and couldn’t believe what happened. When I went to the tree and touched it then leaned against it (I always do this everytime i visit), a lot of fireflies were swirling around the tree!!! and it seemed to be as a presentation for me because they also did moved around me!!It was like a clan of fireflies! It was like fantasy! That time, I felt time stopped for a moment and I was in another world! Soo beautiful!..It only happened once. I tried going back there some nights but it’s never been that way. I could even count the firelies with my fingers. So that was the reason why the tree invited me.. I guess it never had a friend since it’s the only acacia tree in a plaza… if you want you could go to my album in friendster..look for wisp.. just search that email and see the tree yourself…

I live in Philippines and I do live in a province.. I haven’t visited that tree yet cause i’m living in a city for my studies..But I managed to went to it this new year 2010 under blue moon and greeted it a happy new year!

So the bottom line is, do trees talk? :)

5 Responses to “Is it really possible to talk to trees?”

  1. Scoopkin Says:

    Do you want some maple syrup and bacon with that waffle?!

  2. abnormal Says:

    you can talk to anything if you really want to but there is no guarantee it will talk back, especially if you don’t put spaces in your paragraphs.

  3. Raven Says:

    if you believe in energy fields and the such, and that all living things have auras, then in a sense of speaking they can kinda communicate if you can learn to read these signs.

  4. Steve G Says:

    Sure, but getting them to listen is like herding cats!

  5. The man Says:

    That is amazing. If you can hear the trees then you are truly in touch with nature. But yes it is possible if you are one with nature. Heak even in lord of the rings the trees talked. (little joke there) Man i am jealous.