Is it right for me to pay $760.01 for school tax, while illegal immigrants pay none?

Today I have to pay 0.01 for a school tax. All land owners in Texas pay this. I also have to buy school supplies, WAY more than my child will use in 1 year, this is done EVERY year. They seriously request 500 pencils! Anyway back to topic. Is it fair for us Americans to foot the bill for illegals by paying higher school taxes? Why should I have higher taxes to pay for kids who dont belong here? If you say yes you better have a strong case!
How many illegals do you know that own property? Come on! Another thing, they DO NOT pay by renting, the property owner is footing that bill regardless of who, or if anyone rents that property! Nice try but not good enough to convince me…
Serious, I should post the list the school requests. 4 boxes of tissues, 12 folders I bought good plastic ones and my kid came home with cheap paper folders! I was pretty pissed off!
PLUS when they rent they pack 3 families in 1 house. So all in all the renting only covers 1/3 of what should be paid if you are using the "they pay by rent excuse"!!!
Why all the thumbs down to the posters who do not support illegal immigrants? I wont even call them immigrants, they are ALIENS! NOT UNDOCUMENTED WORKERS!

Alien or Aliens may refer to:
1. A non-citizen inhabitant of country
2. Extraterrestrial life
3. Any introduced species

1 and 3 are one in the same, lol

I like the idea of attacking the employers, you think 10k is enough? That will probably do the trick. Any land owned by a illegal needs to be seized, just my opinion. Now, go to Mexico and get busted for being illegal. They dont play around like we do. You will be charged with a FELONY! They say the Arizona law wont work. Mexico is warning its soon to be illegals to stay away from Arizona, estimated 100,000 illegals have left Arizona already! I say its working just fine. Now if Rick Perry would stop thinking he will be the president in 2012 (obama is a one termer, guaranteed!) and govern Texas for the will of the people. We will have the same law here in Texas!
OMG! Great point!!! I forgot to even add te fact that I must ave credit card on file to pay for lunches as well. All the while illegal kids are eating for free! WTF is really going on in America? We are taking better care of illegals than we are Americans!

I know a guy who as a Latina wife. She is legal, works, as does he. They have health care but havent had it long. She got a cancer and went to the hospital for care and was turned away. The woman who turned her away came out to their car told her to come back alone, dressed in dirty clothes and do not speak English and her operation will be done, and the government will foot the bill! She is recovered fully, but why would government pay for a illegal aliens operation but not an Americans? (we they didnt know they did)

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  1. Ms. Angel.. Says:

    I hear you! I will not send the amount of school supplies the school request, amd have made it clear to the school that I am sending for my child and my child only. I will send Kleenex when he has a running nose and ask them to send me the box home everyday. I have to have an account to have my child lunch paid by my credit card, because if I don’t pay he won’t eat, but their kids eat for FREE; I refuse to speak to these people, all they do is brag about how they are here and get all free assistance. They LAUGH at the TEXANS for being STUPID and giving them everything, and next week another family will arrive.
    And come the weekend the "Party" gets started with loud music, expensive auto’s park outside their homes (homes we pay for) and the Pit going with the food we provide them.
    You have every right to have your opinion, and I like you opinion.

    But lifes to short to stress out about this, it will continue, and will keep getting bigger. The other thing I hate is everything is in Spanish you call somewhere and you have to "pick" a number for English, why not for Spanish.

  2. knowitall Says:

    Of course it is not fair. It is also not fair that Congress mandates that we have a health care program that they refuse to have; that we must file tax returns yet they can cheat and not get in trouble; that the more income you make the higher percentage taxes you pay, etc. etc. It is also not fair that these illegals are allowed to vote – illegally – to keep the Democrats in power. Remember this at the polls.

  3. Bostonian In MO Says:

    If they own property, they are paying taxes on it or they will lose it, just as you would. There’s no requirement to be a citizen to own property in the US, or even be her legally for that matter. (And in fact, buying up a substantial amount of property is one way to jump the line on immigration quotas.)

    What’s more, an illegal who is renting property IS paying property taxes indirectly, just as ANY tenant does.

  4. shoredude2 Says:

    I don’t see how anyone can pay none.

    If an illegal immigrant owns a home, he or she pays the taxes on the real estate or the house is taken away and sold to pay the taxes.

    If he or she rents an apartment, just like all other renters, the landlord pays the real estate taxes. Indirectly the tenant pays those taxes through rent. If the tax is increased, then most likely the landlord will increase the rent to cover the tax.

  5. tro Says:

    your 500 pencils probably provide for the illegals as well as the ones who don’t fulfill their obligations
    and of course not, why do you think Arizona passed the law they did, they are tired of citizens being terrorized and killed by illegals
    and how about the rancher near the border who had to give up his ranch to the family of an illegal he shot invading his property, is that fair? no way

  6. Bash Limpbutt's Oozing Cyst© Says:

    I know several illegals who own property. I can guarantee you that they pay the property taxes!

    And having been a landlord for MANY years, you bet your sweet @$$ that the property taxes figure into the rents that I charge! Doesn’t matter whether the tenant is legal or not — and I have no way of verifying that anyway in most cases.

    "Illegals" aren’t the only ones who "pack 3 families in 1 house" either. Plenty of legal immigrants do the same thing — American homes are like castles compared to what many immigrants are accustomed to — as do a surprising number of life-long US citizens in this crap economy.

    Edit: Sorry, Sparky, but you can’t confiscate land without an amendment to the US Constitution. And I gotta wonder, for all of the right-wing wailing about illegal aliens in the US — how many of them knowingly employ illegals themselves. I’ll bet that Rush has several working for him right now!

  7. acmeraven Says:

    Please ask this same question on November 3rd; just as a reminder to vote wisely.

  8. jlf Says:

    No, it is not "fair." But guess what? Life is not fair. There’s no guarantee of "fair" in the Bill of Rights.

  9. Cringe W Says:

    You know why there are illegal immigrants in this country?
    Because they are poor and people in this country are willing to give them work.
    Dry up the work and they will go away.

    Why do people give them work? Because they are willing to work cheap. Because they are willing to stick to dirty jobs for more than a week.

    Do you really want to get rid of them? I mean, really, seriously want to get rid of them? Fine every employer $10,000 a day per illegal immigrant. Make no exception. If a small homeowner has a gardener come in with illegals, fine the homeowner and the gardening company $10,000 per worker. If you need your roof fixed and the sheriff finds some illegals on your roof, fine you and the roofing company$10,000 per worker. Station immigration agents at the door of the meat packing plant, check each worker who comes out. Fine the meat packing company $10,000 per illegal worker. Go out to farmer’s fields, fine the farmer for each illegal picking lettuce. Enforce this strictly with no exceptions.

    The illegals will be gone overnight. You won’t have to arrest a single one of them.
    Many towns had a big problem with prostitution. They kept arresting the hookers. But they kept coming back. They started arresting the Johns and printing their pictures in the paper and the problem moved to a different town where they weren’t doing that.

    But of course this isn’t going to happen. You don’t really want to get rid of the illegals. You want your construction work done cheap, you want your gardening done cheap, you want to have a dependable housekeeper who works for a few bucks under the table. Major corporations want cheap, dependable labor to do the dangerous and dirty jobs. Farmers want their crops picked before they rot and there just aren’t huge pools of legal workers willing to work in 90 degree sun migrating from town to town all year.

    People in your town reap the benefits of cheap labor. Politicians and radio talk show hosts get you all riled up about buying pencils for the illegal menace instead of focusing on the corporate CEOs robbing you. Your anger helps keep the illegals scared and the politicians in power serving their masters.

    You want them out of your town? Stop employing them. Get your neighbors to stop employing them. Get the businesses in your city to stop employing them. Get the landlords to leave their building vacant instead of renting to them. They will move on. But I doubt that you are serious about wanting them gone.

  10. Max Hoopla Says:

    Renters be they citizens or illegal aliens don’t pay school tax but their landlords figure it into the rent so they pay through the back door.

  11. I_think$ Says:

    I agree America must put its legal foot down and insist that the world respect our borders and our sovereignty. But if you think you have it bad, think about those stupid American military fools and suckers who are dying in Iraq-nam to preserve the rights of illegal aliens. {They just don’t know it yet.*} I think we should bring our troops home to guard our borders, and send the Mexicans to defeat the Taliban and al-queda. At that time, I would let them keep Aphforkistan (or, Aff*ckusstan) so they could develop their own country and society, since they won’t put in the effort to improve their birth country of Mexico. More than 10% of their population is in this country.

    We need to draft all bleeding heart liberals into the military so they know what it takes to protect our freedoms, and then maybe they would not be so willing to give away our sacred birthright. Unfortunately, the press is pro-immigration; anti-American taxpayer.

    [Since you posted this question, an Arizona Deputy has been shot by some Mexican criminal elements who are starting to run roughshod over American citizens. – – Searchers found him out in the desert, and I hope I read it right that he will be okay.]

  12. StephenWeinstein Says:

    Issue 1: Illegal aliens do pay taxes on money that they earn in the U.S. Furthermore, many illegal aliens have more tax withheld from their pay than they should (because they do not know how to complete the W-4 correctly) and do not receive the tax refunds that they (like anyone who overpays) are entitled to receive (because they incorrectly believe that if they filed, the IRS would have them deported).

    Issue 2: Illegal aliens pay more in sales tax (as a percentage of their earnings) than U.S. citizens do, because U.S. citizens can save their money or use it to buy real estate (land or houses), while illegal aliens often cannot do these things and have to spend it on items subject to sales tax instead.

    Issue 3: Eligibility for free lunches is based on total household income, not immigration status. If they made as much money as you, they would not be eligible. If they were citizens making what they make, they would be eligible. If you made what they make, you would be eligible. If you were illegal and made what you make, you would not be eligible.

    Issue 4: There is a very good reason why you "didnt know they did": They do not. If the hospital told her that, then the hospital lied. First, the hospital does not provide free care of illegal aliens, or anyone else. If the hospital treats a person who has not paid in advance, then it bills the person later. Second, insurance companies negotiate massive discounts for the citizens that they insure, so the bills sent to illegal aliens are for much more money than would have been charged if a citizen with insurance was receiving the same treatment.

    Issue 5: Your statement that 1 and 3 are the same is false. Illegal aliens and citizens are the same species (homo sapiens). One of the reasons that schools need money is to teach children the correct definition of the word "species".

    Issue 6: The reason for the thumbs down might not have anything to do with support or lack of support for illegal aliens. The issue may simply be about support, or lack of support, for posting of false information on this website.