Is it safe to constantly put petroleum jelly all the way up your anus?

I was doing it because it was raw but when I try to poop, the poop won’t come out and I’m constantly sticking globs of petroleum jelly all the way up the hole so would that cause it to get blocked to where nothing could pass through or would the petroleum jelly go away? Any tips?

2 Responses to “Is it safe to constantly put petroleum jelly all the way up your anus?”

  1. Matthew Says:

    You’ll eventually poop it all out, or your body will destroy it. But using that for a long period of time can cause problems, but more alarming is WHY you need to do it in the first place. See a doctor and see if you have a condition or just a poor diet, try Preparation H stuff; which is essentially just petroleum jelly as well, but has a safe applicator. Putting petroleum jelly in your anus for your life isn’t very desirable, realistic, or safe if you have a problem

  2. liveD ehT Says:

    how did you even dawned on the idea.

    I know petroleum jelly is for smoothening the skin, or it liquifies rough skin
    -MOISTURIZE’s the word. but i never thought of sticking it in my anus.
    are you having problem with your bowels? why did you stick the jelly -eww

    it’ll probably go away, or your shit will be easier to flush.
    oh yeah, and why is it on Men’s Health if you’re a girl?

    Can you guys answer this question! can you hurry too before a troll deletes it?
    If that Question is dead, i do have a stalker. AND IF THIS ONE GETS A THUMBS DOWN TOO