Is it safe to put petroleum jelly on a dry face?

I used a new moisturizer, and I had an allergic reaction, so my face is red and dry all over.

4 Responses to “Is it safe to put petroleum jelly on a dry face?”

  1. Colin Says:

    Yeah, but don’t use a lot of it. The nicodizamine is very strong and will burn your face if you use too much of it.

  2. missy Says:

    well i would say take some benadryl because you had an allergic reaction.. but to answer your question yes it is safe..

    I often put Vasoline on my face before bed when i get Eczema spots..

  3. Hannah1585 Says:

    You either are allergic to something, or, like me, you have sensitive skin. You really shouldn’t use petroleum jelly however, because it will clog your pores and create breakouts. What I use (and it works very very well) is a hydrating cream from a store called the body shop. It was only 12 dollars! It is called Vitamin E Moisture Cream For all Skin types daily. (it’s in a pink container with a black lid). Hope this helps and the best of luck!!!

  4. Beatles Says:

    yes you can But Don’t go over board use a thin layer and Aloe vera gel is good irritation.