Is it safe to put Petroleum jelly up your nose?

I have a dry nose and i got this Petroleum jelly stuff, is it okay to put up your nose, I heard soemthing about its bad for the lungs to inhale :S

Thanks for help though, tht lung inhale thing might be false though not sure

3 Responses to “Is it safe to put Petroleum jelly up your nose?”

  1. wsne Says:

    Just a bit to soothe the area is quite fine. Same thing that is in Vicks or mentholatum medicines without the menthol.

  2. girl_on_the_couch_inak Says:

    just don.t put tons up there…..thin coating…….buy saline nasal spray to help w/the dryness…..

  3. alexisonfireforlife Says:

    i’m guessing that nothing is good up your nose. especially your finger.