Is it safe to put Petroleum jelly up your nose?

I have a dry nose and i got this Petroleum jelly stuff, is it okay to put up your nose, I heard soemthing about its bad for the lungs to inhale :S

Thanks for help though, tht lung inhale thing might be false though not sure

6 Responses to “Is it safe to put Petroleum jelly up your nose?”

  1. S Says:

    Petroleum jelly?
    I’ve heard of people putting Vicks vaporub up their nose, but why petroleum jelly? I would think that petroleum jelly in your nostrils would make it hard to breathe.

    Also, I don’t think that you need to put Vicks INSIDE your nostrils. Just near the opening of your nostrils would be fine — you would still be able to inhale the vapors.

    You should see a doctor if you have "dry nose". Maybe they can prescribe something for that.

  2. sasyone Says:

    I use it all the time as well as Vick’s for my sinus problem and so I can breath better at night.Both are fine and Ive never had a problem over the years.

  3. isis555 Says:

    no you’ll die


    of course its fine
    seriously, why do people worry so much??

  4. me Says:

    yahhh trick yahhhhh

  5. LARRY J7 Says:

    Is it safe to put Petroleum jelly up your nose ?

    This totally depends on the amount that you decide
    to put up there…. excessive amounts could be a real problem !!

    Otherwise… it is completely safe

    ☼ ////

  6. vsssarma Says:

    All petroleum can have undesirable elements. While it may be OK for topical application, putting the same in nose is wrong and will ultimately lead to cancer.