Is it still okay to use a q-tip with petroleum jelly to aid constipation in cats?

I haven’t had cats in years and was wondering if it was still okay to do this procedure. A neighbor asked my to watch her cats while she is on vacation.

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  1. Pog Ma Thoin Says:

    Oh sure! You should definitely go for it. Afterward you should give it a bath in the tub with you.

    Please post photos of you after you do this. I’ll look for the person wearing lots of bandages.

    Oh, BTW I am not a cat person. I wouldn’t hurt a cat but you need to learn why it’s a bad idea.

  2. john Says:

    No! And this is a serious answer.Add two tbs.of pureed pumpkin to
    the cats food.This will help.The source is listed below.

  3. susan n Says:

    I would not use a Q-tip. Too risky
    The only thing I know of as safe is the glycerin suppositories made for babies. Only the plain glycerin ones.
    There was a cat in my family with megacolon and the vet recommended this to try when we could not get him in right away for an enema.
    And do not use human enemas on cats. They may contain substances that will throw off the cat’s electrolytes.
    I would also call the neighbor and ask about this. Perhaps she has already had the cat seen about this issue and has already had a treatment or procedure prescribed.

    Update: I can vouch for the "pumpkin cure" John mentioned as being also a vet-prescribed remedy.
    In the case of my mother’s cat, the only way to get pumpkin into him required the sacrifice of blood on my part. It was hastily determined that proceeding from the other end of the cat was wiser choice.
    Maybe your neighbor’s cat will eat pumpkin though.

  4. ☎ Rotary Dial ☎ Says:

    Constipation is often caused by dehydration, and q-tip will not correct dehydration. The q-tip could, however, cause great damage to the cat’s rectum, and you could get badly bitten.