Is it time we open up drilling for oil in the US ? How much higher does it need to go ?

Would you support this if it brought gas prices down ? I say open up all of the United States. Please call your Senators and Representatives in congress.
Queen of wands, I live in coastal Louisiana.
Fed up veteran the refineries are wide open, I work for big oil
High definition hind sight Its right off the Florida and California coasts for sure.

12 Responses to “Is it time we open up drilling for oil in the US ? How much higher does it need to go ?”

  1. Fedup Veteran Says:

    It isn’t the drilling that is the problem. It is the refineries which have been purposely shut down by the oil companies, as well as the speculators who are basing the current price on FUTURE PRICES 2 or 3 months down the line. That is called price fixing people and is illegal.

    EDIT: Uh..How many refineries were shut down in the ’90s?

    Those are direct memos coming from the oil companies. They are not running full throttle as you implied.

  2. artilleryman89 Says:


  3. G-Man Says:

    Ask Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. It is them and their friends that our hoding it up.

  4. singha44 Says:

    drilling isnt the only problem the us hasnt built oil refinery in 30 years what we gonna do send overseas to refine

  5. Queen of Wands Says:

    Apparently you don’t live in the areas that this would affect….

  6. conslayer Says:

    No I wouldn’t, what stupid crap, we’ve had a dysfunctional energy policy since the oil embargoes of the 70’s, it’s 30 years past the time to move AWAY from oil as a primary energy source.
    Use oil and support the very terrorists who want you dead
    Use oil and allow India and China to dominate economically for the next generation
    It’s time we acted like Americans again and INNOVATE our way out of the energy crisis while defeating our enemies and regaining our world leader stature

  7. Just Me Says:

    I say drill!
    Any where there might be a drop of oil we need to drill and get it.

  8. Hi-Definition Hindsight Says:

    Where in the US is this magical oil? ANWR? Ha. drops in a bucket owned by BP that will cost twice as much to recover.

  9. fangtaiyang Says:

    We do drill for oil in the U.S. There are wells all over Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Nevada and California. There are huge oil fields being currently drilled and pumped in Alaska as well. Even the so called "foreign oil" is being pumped by U.S. oil cpmpanies that have "leased" oil deposits and drilling rights from arab states. One of the reasons for current prices is that many arab states have been moving towards nationalizing oil production.

  10. MadLibs Says:

    about 45% of our oil already comes from the US. Then Canada, then Mexico. Instead of going to Saudi Arabia, why doesn’t Bush visit these two countries?

  11. Dean C Says:

    There is not a source of alternative energy that is close to being able to replace our use of oil. But we should continue to develop all of those sources so that one day we can replace fossil fuels.

    That being said, it is not going to happen in the near future. We should be drilling for our own oil, building more refineries, and building nuclear power plants. Yes it will be probably 10 years before we see the effects. But if Bill Clinton had not vetoed drilling in ANWR 10 years ago, we would be pumping oil now.

  12. Gerry S Says:

    No. What we need are electric cars and other fuel sources.
    It’s long past time to get off the oil merry-go-round.