Is it true in Middle East that petroleum products is cheaper than water ?

I’m curious about their personal hygiene, are they smell good?

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  1. Aref H4 Says:

    I am in Saudi Arabia, based in the capital city of Riyadh.

    If you talk about the normal bottled water for drinking that you buy off the shelves with the likes of Coke and Pepsi Cola, that is half a liter and costs One Saudi Riyal, Yes, it is cheaper per liter of gasoline which costs .45 halalas per liter (.65 halalas per liter for premium).

    Cents is halalas over here.

    However, if you buy a bottle of 5-gallon of drinking water (20 liters) it is cheaper than gasoline, because it costs only five saudi riyals (around .25 halalas per liter).

    Also, if you are concerned about hygiene, drinking water is different from the water for washing that we buy by the truckloads, and is much much cheaper. And we call the truck only because our storage area is not sufficient to store the regular scheduled supply from the City on certain days. Therefore, regular baths/showers can be had in the city.

    Out in the project sites, however, the quality of water for washing are not as good as in the cities.

  2. Shieldgambit Says:


  3. MumbaJumba Says:

    Arabs do not smell bad- Islam commands them to wash up several times a day. They all use deodorants and toilet sprinklers ( not paper). Ladies trim their pubis so that there is no musky smell.

    And yes gasoline/petrol is cheaper than water but it does not mean that they cannot afford water.

    Arabs, particularly Gulf Arabs are probably the cleanest people on the planet.

    However, to my olfactory, some Indians and Pakistanis smell because of the curry they eat and so do some Erytreans. These are not Arabs and are not Middle Easterners.

    I hope you know the difference between those races and that they are not all the same to you.

  4. samovic Says:

    1 liter of bottled water costs more than 1 liter of gasoline….that’s true over there.

  5. Lizzy B. Says:

    I guess what they meant with that is bottled drinking water.

    With concern to their hygiene, they live in the desert. Even if they clean themselves everyday, but if you are exposed to that much heat, then perhaps odor with aspire too.

  6. Jemay Says:

    It seldom rains in Middle East, I never seen an Arab swim on the sea or the pool. No sewerage systems. Dry bathrooms.

  7. lecter Says:

    in doha, qatar a liter of gasoline costs .87 dirhams while a 1.5 liter of water costs 1 riyal. you do the calculations if you want to be technical. do they smell good? yeah because they spray a lot of perfume.

  8. sara Says:

    i will ignore the hygiene part..

    and petroleoum is not cheaper than water in many middle east countries, and if u think that the middle east is the gulf area, correct ur geography information…

    and the one who speaks about rain and seas, have u ever been to the middle east or u r just making stuff out of no where..?.

  9. battgirl Says:

    Hmmm let’s see. I buy:

    1L Mumtaz (Premium) = BD 0.100 (PHP 13.5 approx)
    1.5L Masafi (Above Average Water Brand) = BD 0.140 (PHP 18 approx)

    More or less they cost the same and I can choose a bottled water that costs less than the brand I prefer. By all means, Evian will cost more, around 400 fils for a 500ml bottle. (in Bahrain, centavos is called fils). Then water becomes more expensive than petrol.

    Personal depends. Some smells like they do not know what a deodorant is. But majority of the Bahrainis and Emiraties I have mingled with, reeks of really good smelling oud. When the ladies pass, their sweet scent stays in the air for another 2 minutes.

  10. mayor butch sepulveda Says:

    they smell good because they use a lot of perfume! hahaha!