Is it true that George W Bush's invasion of Afghanistan was motivated by craving for petroleum there?

George W Bush always spoke to the world that troops must be deployed to Afghanistan to eradicate terrorists threatening global security there. But I’ve heard that it’s just a mask veiling the true intention, which is craving for enormous petroleum reserve there. Is it true?

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  1. Brock Obama Says:

    Honestly, it was so long ago and I’ve heard so many different points of view that I don’t know what to think anymore. President Bush’s invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan came years before I was old enough to care about politics.

    I guess all I can say is yes, it is a legitimate possibility that the invasions were motivated only by the need for oil reserves. I don’t know for sure, and quite frankly I don’t think anyone does.

  2. vinny_says_relax Says:

    Yeah right, yep all that foreign oil we’ve been getting from Iraq and Afghanistan lately, wow its just overflowing isnt it? Whats gas down to now, 28 cents a gallon?

  3. grandma zaza Says:

    Actually, I believe he was going after the masterminds and funders of the attacks on 9/11.

  4. thenewmeemoon Says:

    Most oil reserves in Iraq are in the hands of indigenous Kurds, who sell their oil on the open market to all comers.

  5. Me Says:

    No but they are building a pipeline across the country thats worth billions.

  6. Monica Sardonica Says:

    What are you smoking? What colour is the sky in your world?

  7. Sooners Girl Says:

    No. There is not much there. It would be a good reason though.
    Haven’t you ever studied history?
    What was the first things the Germans and Japs went for in WW II? The oil fields!

    Oil is the most important commodity in the world whether you like it or not.

  8. obama is a wolf in sheeps clothing Says:

    Not one bit, but now they are after the opium dealers and destroying their opium fields, and teaching them to grow food instead of drugs. Most the opium comes from Afghanistan into America.
    I think most in CA – hippie druggies understand how tough it will be to get their drugs and thats why they Oppose the war really. Its all about them- but drug addicts lie like feens!

    Also alot on the left that are drug addicts oppose protecting AZ Border because most the Cocaine that comes in America comes thru AZ- they want those DRUGS- And I think our Govt is so corrupted some of those DC Politicians get some Drug Action Funding! They claim to care for the people coming in- but its really the drugs they care about!

  9. iwasnotanazipolka Says:

    No. Bush was correct to try to kill Osama who was in Afghanistan and to get at him, it was necessary to put troops in. No oil, just justice and punishment.

    I didn’t support Iraq but I sure as hell supported his attempt to kill OBL.

  10. isurvived Says:

    Yes. As well as the strategic importance.

    Afghanistan and Iraq border Iran. Containing Iran is a political goal.

  11. Infernal Disaster Says:

    What oil in Afghanistan?

    Afghanistan just started drilling for the first time in 2010, under Obama.

    For all the conspiracies theories, the US has not seized control of one oil field, whether in Iraq or anywhere else.

    In fact, oil imports from Iraq have changed very little since the conflict. The US has gained nothing.

  12. Climbing Up the Walls Says:

    I don’t believe Afghanistan has any significant petroleum reserves, they did recently discover huge amounts of lithium, though.

  13. thegubmint Says:

    No. As already illustrated in a previous answer, there was (yet another) grand conspiracy theory involving a natural gas pipeline running from the Caspian Sea through Afghanistan to the Pakistan coast. As any sane person can plainly see, that is not happening, at least in this lifetime. Afghanistan was invaded because the ruling government organization harbored, supported, and protected the group that planned, financed, and perpetrated the attacks of 9/11.

    Pretty simple concept.

  14. Rebecah Says:

    Yes, but not for the USA…for his family and friends.

    If you don’t believe Bush was behind the 911 attack then you’ve got it all wrong. He had to instill fear in us all, why else do you think he was never able to actually find Bin Laden.

  15. slappyjk Says:

    You heard a lie, propaganda created most likely by socialists and communists,
    to demonize the USA for defending itself from terrorism.

    People claim the holocaust was a lie, made up by jews, to exploit the world for sympathy.

    Nut-jobs have claimed the reason we are in Afghanistan is because of lithium reserves, enough lithium to
    supply every computer battery for many years to come….

    There are even people who claim 911 was committed by the USA government.

    Look at the motives from those who spread propaganda.

  16. vtsztpu Says:

    There is oil in Afghanistan? Where? And, incidentally, how much oil did we get from Iraq since that fiasco started? I’d love to see some actual true figures on that. This ‘war for oil’ canard won’t fly. It just isn’t true. No matter how many ultra liberal bloggers toot it.

  17. Donald C Says:

    Of course not!!!

    Try hard to research facts, and not liberal or conspiracist insanity.