Is it true that petroleum jelly will not clog pores?

I am insanely sunburnt, and I want to use something that will moisturize the burn on my face. I think I read somewhere that petroleum jelly will not clog pores, but it was in some floozy fashion magazine. I just wanted to make sure that that’s true.

I don’t have too many issues with clogged pores, pimples, etc.; I get all sorts of filth on my face, but I’m all good yet. So, this petroleum jelly stuff won’t be a problem, right?

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  1. Allison W Says:

    "petrolatum. Vaseline is pure petrolatum. For some unknown and unsubstantiated reason, petrolatum has attained a negative image in regard to skin care, despite good research to the contrary. Topical application of petrolatum can help the skin’s outer layer recover from damage, reduce inflammation, and generally heal the skin (Source: Acta Dermato-Venereologica, November-December 2000, pages 412–415). "

    I got this from a website on their ingredient dictionary page.

  2. rachels2856 Says:

    Use Aloe, it works really really well.

    Good luck

  3. Laughing Libra Says:

    Put aloe vera gel on the sunburned skin. You should try to wear sunscreen and hats to protect your skin.

    Avocado oil isn’t heavy, but expensive. You can find it in stores like Sunflower, Wild Oats or Whole Foods.

  4. Jeff B Says:

    Petroleum jelly will NOT clog pores. This is a myth that started about the 1950’s and just won’t die. Since then there have been many studies done and found that it will not. It is also used in most burn certers to help severly burned skin retain moisture.


  5. pamela d Says:

    yes lt will clog your pores

  6. cristina c Says:

    petroleum jelly clogs ur pores big time and 2 reduce the redness, get like an aloe vera gel or cream.