Is it true that the Moslem Ottoman Empire protected Jews from Christians (queen isabella’s) genocide?

They even gave them land to stay and let them keep their faith (while people in europe slay them if they refused to convert to christian?). So why now the jewish occupy moslem’s land and made them live in refugee camp? Isnt it like betraying?

I understand that as a nation the Jewish need a land to called home and i have nothing against Jewish people, but why they took something that belong to Palestinian for hundreds of years (yes i know that they were inhabit the land very long time ago but that doesn’t automatically give them right to expell the current owners of the land). Is there any better peaceful solution for this? What do you think?

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  1. rona Says:

    Peace and blessings be upon you.
    The history of Treason from the side of jews is very crowded.
    Islam don’t force anybody to follow it according to the verse (2:256) which say ; let’s be no compulsion in religion , the prophet Mohammed left the jews to leave among them and made the first peace treaty in the world with them , but they betrayed him.

    in our muslim countries , christians live and jews also were here in Egypt before building israel , they lived in peace here among friends and neighbours muslims and christians ,but they left Egypt and go to Israel which started to do wars against all the arabian lands.
    They were able to live in peace with muslims if they wanted ,but they always see themselves higher than all other creatures and also think that they are the nearest to the God.

    Muslims know well that the God lastly will make the support the right and islam will restore its position as it is the religion of the right ,the peace and the justice.
    Muslims trust their religion and will not surrender to the zionist aggression .

    Peaceful solution?!
    Read their artificial Torah.
    if it is land for peace , Palestine will be always a right refuse oblivion.

  2. phoenixstarshine Says:

    The Jews had a chance to settle in what is now Uganda, but they turned it down.

  3. AbdulRahman H Says:

    Jewish flourished under 1000 years Muslim rule. I am not surprised they were protected.

  4. Pagan Dan Says:

    As long as Jews and Christians obeyed the law, kept the peace, and paid their taxes, the Islamic government let them be.

  5. robb35c Says:

    There were no Palestinians"hundreds of years ago". Someone told you that last time you asked this question.

  6. Everard G Says:

    "that belong to Palestinian for hundreds of years"
    Palestine was NEVER a country; it is an area like the Sahara Desert or the Rocky Mountains or the Mid-West.

    "to expell[sic] the current owners"
    If you dig around a bit you’ll find that the Arab ‘leaders’ told Palestinians to leave their land cos the Arabs were gonna CRUSH the newly formed Jewish state of Israel BUT they failed … miserably.
    Against a much better armed superior numbers the Jews triumphed.
    The Jews had asked the Palestinians to stay; if they’d stayed (like many have and do … at least 15% according to CIA Fact Book) they’d all still have their own land STILL but they were conned by their ‘leaders’ that the Jews would be pushed into the sea.
    This is NOT gonna happen.

  7. slo.treeburner Says:

    greed, self-right boasting before times during when nabi (prophet) Isa (Jesus) alayhi salam (peace be upon him) was sent to Guide them & they were claiming our 1Creators messenger was false, some believed but alot disbelived. they called him a magician. same was said by pharoah to nabi Musa (Moses), u know what happened to pharoah?

    they claim they are the only chosen ppl of our 1Lord, because He sent a line of messenger who were descendants of one another. but they dont or dont want to understand our 1Lord sent messengers/warners to every nation back then.

    The unbelievers say: "Why is not a sign sent down to him (Muhammad) from his Lord?" You are nothing but a Warner and every nation was assigned a guide.[7]

    "And certainly We raised in every nation a messenger, saying: Serve Allah and shun the devil." (16:36)

    "And for every nation there is a messenger." (10:47)

    "And there is not a people but a warner has gone among them."(35:24)

    read the Quran

    Alhamdulillah All Praises be to Allah

  8. DougLawrence Says:

    No, it’s not.

    Better check your facts.