Is it true that the Moslem Ottoman Empire protected Jews from Christians (queen isabella’s) genocide?

They even gave them land to stay and let them keep their faith (while people in europe slay them if they refused to convert into christianity?). So why now the jewish occupy moslem’s land and made them live in inhumane refugee camp? Isnt it like betraying?

I understand that as a nation the Jewish need a land to called home and i have nothing against Jewish people, but why they took something that belong to Palestinian civilians for hundreds of years using military force ? (yes i know that they were inhabit the land very long time ago but that doesn’t automatically give them right to expell the current owners of the land). Is there any better peaceful solution for this? What do you think?
@ anonopokes: Let me get this right. They offered a plan about the land that DOESN’T BELONG TO THEM???? and the palestinian refused it? geee…. those people must’ve been out of their mind!
@ peacebyjesus: stick to the question dude!
@ melissaherrington : So how about the indian people in USA? Should we expell the non indians cause the have no right to stay in their land?

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  1. melissaharrington Says:

    That land was promised to Israel by the Almighty YHWH – the One True G-d – way back in Genesis, and given to them in Joshua. No other people group has any right to occupy what YHWH gave to His Chosen People – Israel. Palestine (which translated from the original language P’lishtim means INVADERS) has never had any right to usurp YHWH’s authority in giving that land to Israel.

    Your comparison is invalid. The only land YHWH promised to anyone is the land He promised to His Chosen People Israel. Everyone else fends for themselves.

  2. Fajie Says:

    yes they do

    so does what happened during the crusades, when the Christians captured Jerusalem they slaughter the Jews and Moslem and Jerusalm bathed in blood. When Saladin captures it back, he allowed the Christians to lives there peacefully together with the Jews.

  3. anonopokes Says:

    the jews did offer a plan that gave most of Israel to the palestinians in 1947 but they refused and then the jews won the six day war 20 years later but still allowed the people who started the war to live there

  4. orri Says:

    oh they did give a plan? how nice of them? if someone came to your country and told you get out of this land
    and we are splitting it up? what are u gonna say?

  5. capn' edib Says:

    Baghdad in its heyday and southern Spain built universities to which thousands flocked. Rulers surrounded themselves with scientists and artists. A spirit of freedom allowed Jews, Christians, and Muslim to work side by side…"
    – Francis Ghiles, "What is Wrong With Muslim Science" Nature, 24 March 1983.

    "We have never heard about any attempt to compel Non-Muslim
    parties to adopt Islam or about any organized persecution aiming at exterminating Christianity. If the Caliphs had chosen one of these
    plans, they would have wiped out Christianity as easily as what
    happened to Islam during the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella in Spain; by the same method which Louis XIV followed to make
    Protestantism a creed whose followers were to be sentenced to death; or with the same ease of keeping the Jews away from Britain for a period of three hundred fifty years."(Thomas Arnold in ‘The Call to Islam.’)

  6. www.peacebyjesus Says:

    First, both Islam and the "Christianity" of the Inquisitions is not that of the Bible, as under the New covenant the church never used physical force to discipline it’s members nor to subdue it’s enemies (1Cor. 5:12, 13; 2Cor. 6:1-10; 10:3, 4; Eph. 6:12).

    And both Islam, and R. Catholicism physically warred against those who are born again by faith in Christ and His sinless shed blood for salvation (not in one’s merits or the power of the church). Those who imagine the Quran does not promote religious violence are simply ignorant of it’s exhortations to do so:

    When Islam conquered lands by the sword it could allow a modicum or religious expression (as in the Pact of Umar), but it’s restraints worked to slowly strangled an already institutionalized form of Christianity, which is always just one generation away from extinction. However, genuine Christian faith will not be silenced, except by death, and and even then it will speak.

    (Gal 4:29) “But as then he that was born after the flesh persecuted him that was born after the Spirit, even so it is now.”

    (John 16:2-3) “They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service. {3} And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me.”

    (John 16:33) “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”

  7. Anne Says:

    What i think, is that they should take the holy land, divide it into three equal parts, one for the Christians, one for the Muslims, and one for the Jews and that you all should share it and shut up about it.

    But of course, because of the selfish nature of human beings, you cant do that. Its like three kids fighting over a toy. God has to think its stupid.

    Think of how many people have died over that piece of land.

    Just another case of bloodshed justified by a holy book.

  8. mjlocad Says:

    Yes, it may be true that the Ottomans welcomed the Jews expelled from Spain by order of Queen Isabella. As to whether they were given lands is doubtful for those Jews were mostly of the urban merchant class. What is known was that they were given freedom to do their trade within the Ottoman Empire, but like all other non-Muslim subjects, they were taxed heavily. Thus, it was not out of the goodness of Turkish hearts that the Jews were welcomed to the Ottoman Empire but for the added revenue and trade expertise they brought with them, purely economic. Then, it would be wrong to say Isabella committed genocide against the Jews in Spain. They were ordered expelled- ethnic cleansing in modern parlance – which was truly inhumane. What the Spanish Inquisition killed were the Marranos, Jews who converted to Catholicism for convenience but who practiced their old religion in secret.

    Going back to the Turks, weren’t these the same people who slaughtered more than a million Christian Armenians in 1915 and drove away all the rest from their ancient homeland? What gave the Turkish Muslims the right to uproot such an ancient people from their traditional homeland? And 1915 isn’t quite a long time ago.

    As for the Israelis, I couldn’t answer for them; in fact I have my own great disagreement with the way they treat Palestinians in the Middle East. But I do sincerely hope a peaceful solution would be arrived at. The current situation in Israel where the Israelis are finally showing readiness to accommodate the Palestinians and the Palestinian authorities have also expressed desire to foreswear terrorism as a way of resolving conflict sounds quite promising. We should support every effort at peaceful resolution to the fight between these two ethnic brothers.

  9. Phoenix - pagan 1/2 of JPA Says:

    They did not take it by military force. They BOUGHT the land.

    And it was in Great Britain’s control.

    Palestinians referred to Jews and Muslims and they have lived there continuously for 3000 years.

    Why don’t you ask the other Arab countries what happened during the 6 day War?

    They *told* the Muslims to leave because they were going to destroy Israel. Then they wouldn’t take them in when they lost. The ones who stayed had and still have their lives and properties.

    Do you not understand the history of Jordan?

    Because that was what the Arabs were given when the Jews were given control over Israel.

    Read some history, you might learn something.

  10. BMCR Says:

    The reality of the historical Jewish experience under Muslim lands is actually more complex than that.
    In comparison to the middle ages under European Christian lands, it is true that the Jews generally had it better and their Muslim counterparts were more tolerant however that was not always the case. In addition, by today’s standards of what we consider "tolerant" and "freedom of religion" it wasn’t that free. Jewish and Christians had a secondary status in Muslim lands.

    However, the biggest problem with what you have said is that such history is 100% irrelevant to today’s day and age.

    In addition, you manage to mangle recent history as well.
    The reality is that the land which was labeled "Palestine" was not an independent state. It was a territory of the British Empire and the Ottoman Empire before that. The local Arab inhabitants were never in change. Hence, it was never their land.
    Jewish immigration to the land never displaced any Arabs.
    When the State of Israel was born, numerous Arab armies attacked it. In the process, many Arabs left their homes at the behest of their leaders. The ones who did not leave ended up becoming citizens of Israel. The ones who did, ended up in refugee camps controlled by the UN. If you are upset at them living in "inhumane" refugee camps then maybe you should lodge your complaint at the UN. Or the Muslim countries that refuse to absorb them into their own countries for over 60 years.