Is it true that the US has enough oil to last us for years and importing oil is unnecessary?

My father in law told me that between Alaska, ocean drilling, and other states such as Texas, we have enough oil to last for years, but we are hoarding it to save for when the rest of the world runs out. If we drilled it, gas prices could be much lower. I have also heard that we don’t have enough oil to do that. Who is right? Do you know of a source to confirm or deny this?

11 Responses to “Is it true that the US has enough oil to last us for years and importing oil is unnecessary?”

  1. Answerman Says:

    I had a uncle that worked in the oil fields in northern Michigan, there are producing wells up there that are just capped and setting there waiting to be used. I think they are shut down to keep the price of oil and gas up not to save for a rainy day.

  2. Jazzy305 Says:

    i think so bush is justacting really greety

  3. Califrich Says:

    No, we don’t have enough oil to support us right now, much less for many years. And as the Third World nations, especially China and India, develop and use more oil, it will become even more scarce.

  4. joeofdover Says:

    your father is right. we have plenty of oil between those sources. My source is everyone I have talked to.

  5. tysavage2001 Says:

    We do have a large stock pile of oil in case of a national emergency. How long it would last is not public information. The Alaska pipeline would be good for only 6 months worth of oil .. so it isn’t worth the time and effort to go running in there and destroying the environment for such little oil. Good Luck ! :)

  6. Samantha Says:

    no ,we are reserving it for emergncys like hurricane katrina.

  7. Mom Says:

    yes I have heard the same as you… they believe there is still plenty of oil to drill, if you had something everyone wanted would you use it up while supplies are still available from other countries? I think it is very smart what Bush is doing. Wehn other oil is NOT avaliable to us are out will still have a supply.

  8. wildrover Says:

    Yes! They are considered our reserves for a rainy day. It serves to feed the oil usage / price gouging fiasco that is our economy. Peace.

  9. purpleaura1 Says:

    we do keep a reserve,and its so we want have to sale our soul to get oil from foreign oil suppliers if we should run out,and the prices have gone down,and we’ve just discovered a new oil deposit of the Gulf of Mexico,that in 4-5 years ,when its set up to produce oil,we will probably never have to buy from outside source again.

  10. todd c Says:

    yes we have enough for a few years but if we used all we have now what would we do when the rest of the worlds surplus had been depleted?

  11. Dip Shït Says:

    we are saving it for caribou or something