Is it truly the land of the free?

How can we, as citizens of the USA, call our country the land of the free?

Same-sex marriage licenses are only granted in 5 states plus D.C.

Women are barred from combat in the military.

Women aren’t required to sign up for selective service.

Under the Patriot Act, the FBI can secretly conduct a physical search or wiretap on American citizens to obtain evidence of crime without proving probable cause. Also, It expands the government’s ability to search private property without notice to the owner.

The Arizona immigration law SB 1070 which essentially allows racial profiling.

The bill recently passed in Michigan where the governor can take over a local government or school and dissolve all unions if they are running inefficiently according to the governor.

These are just a few thing I can think of right now. When things like these are allowed how can we act as an example for democracy? I understand it is way worse in other countries; however that does not make these things right.
I am NOT saying that there in so freedom in the USA. That’s obvious. Or else I would not have been able to ask a question like this is in the first place.

However, there are plenty of freedoms people do not have, such as the ones and others listed in this question. Don’t compare the USA to other countries because I already went over that in my last sentence of the question.

Just because there may not be a lot of things like these that I listed doesn’t mean it’s not important.

18 Responses to “Is it truly the land of the free?”

  1. The Wee Baby Seamus Says:

    The Constitution should come with a disclaimer at the end. Must be 18, not available in all states, void where prohibited, some restrictions may apply.

  2. thegreatone Says:

    Yes and no.

  3. froghugger Says:

    and pretty soon you will be forced to get health care whether you want it or not.

  4. slpkntheretic666 Says:

    Nope. Not anymore.

  5. Dimestore Psycho Says:

    Yes, yes we are. Nitpicking doesn’t mean we’re oppressed.

  6. the_unluckiest Says:

    I think when they say "land of the free", they also meant to put a humongous asterisk next to it listing all the items you’ve mentioned and then an additional phrase along the lines of "attention: freedom extends to only those the voters and government deems as in line with their morals and views".

    At the same time, don’t we ALL pick and choose our freedoms? Some people are for gay marriage but are against polygamy (if it’s mutually consenting and NOT forced upon, and does not include underage youth). We all draw the line somewhere unfortunately.

  7. Robert Money Says:


  8. crow t robot Says:

    they have the same complaints in iran

  9. Zombies are coming Says:


  10. Angry Antisocial Says:

    We were freer 60 years ago.

  11. Socrates Says:

    If that’s all you got, we’re doing pretty good. You are grasping at straws the way it is right now.

  12. Mark Says:

    "The land of the free" is a slogan, not a rule of law. Instead of talking about just what rights people do NOT have, why not also talk about the rights that people DO have? Abortion in most circumstances is still legal — the Supreme Court’s lie, in Roe v. Wade, about what the Constitution means has still not been overturned — and the SC has also legalized "sodomy" just about 8 years ago. We still have freedom of speech and of religion.

  13. ahandle101 Says:

    Not with everything taxed.

  14. KrazyGuy Says:

    I don’t really feel free. I wish i was living in the 50’s. Back when America was really free!!!

  15. TxM Says:

    you forgot file sharing

  16. Steele Grave Says:

    Marriage, fighting in combat, living in Arizona, and unions are not essential freedoms.

    I agree with you on the Patriot act.

  17. Veiled Prophet Says:

    Hey, it didn’t say free for whom. So all complaining should stop, because it didn’t say for everyone.

  18. ILS31 Says:

    People aren’t beheaded for having opposing view points, people get to practice whatever religion they want, people aren’t forced to vote for one candidate and people don’t disappear in the middle of the night for posting questions like this on the internet. Yes we are the land of the free. Do you really think you could ask a question like this in Iran, Egypt or Saudi Arabia?