Is it wrong to refer to BP by British Petroleum?

When going to the site of the company on the net, I have not found "British Petroleum".

2 Responses to “Is it wrong to refer to BP by British Petroleum?”

  1. raysor Says:

    The company’s name is now BP PLC
    Obviously the current name is an abreviation of British Petroleum. Biut of course, as well as British Petroleum, BP has had many different names in it’s history. Like BP Amoco, Anglo-Iranian Oil Company etc.
    It is the 4th largest company in the world and I am sure you will find it on the search engines under both names and anyone will know what you mean if yiu use either. In the stock market it is usually verbally given as: BP, British Petroleum just to avoid confusion with BT (British Telecom) which can sound the same. especially over the ‘phone.

  2. I Think You Know Who... Says:

    No it is not wrong.