Is land ownership the enemy of freedom?

"We call ourselves the "party of principle," and we base property rights on the principle that everyone is entitled to the fruits of his labor. Land, however, is not the fruit of anyone’s labor, and our system of land tenure is based not on labor, but on decrees of privilege issued from the state, called titles. In fact, the term "real estate" is Middle English (originally French) for "royal state." The "title" to land is the essence of the title of nobility, and the root of noble privilege.


When the state granted land titles to a fraction of the population, it gave that fraction devices with which to levy, and pocket, tolls on the fruits of the labor of others. Those without land privileges must either buy or rent those privileges from the people who received the grants or from their assignees. Thus the state titles enable large landowners to collect a transfer payment, or "free lunch" from the actual land users."

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And before you call me "anti American", here are some quotes for you:

"A right of property in movable things is admitted before the establishment of government. A separate property in lands not till after that establishment…. He who plants a field keeps possession of it till he has gathered the produce, after which one has as good a right as another to occupy it."

–Thomas Jefferson"

"Another means of silently lessening the inequality of [landed] property is to exempt all from taxation below a certain point, and to tax the higher portions or property in geometrical progression as they rise."

–Thomas Jefferson

"Men did not make the earth…. It is the value of the improvement only, and not the earth itself, that is individual property…. Every proprietor owes to the community a ground rent for the land which he holds."

–Tom Paine, "Agrarian Justice," paragraphs 11 to 15

"Ground rents are a species of revenue which the owner, in many cases, enjoys without any care or attention of his own. Ground rents are, therefore, perhaps a species of revenue which can best bear to have a peculiar tax imposed upon them."

–Adam Smith
It has nothing to do with communism.
Duke Powerhand,

but land is not the fruit of anyone’s labor. Why don’t you read the Thomas Jefferson quotes I provided that directly refute what you’re trying to put into Thomas Jefferson’s mouth?
"right of property in movable things", as Thomas Jefferson so nicely acknowledges in my quote.

8 Responses to “Is land ownership the enemy of freedom?”

  1. Duke Powerhand Says:

    No, property ownership is the vehicle of freedom. Without ownership of property we are all made into tenents of the government.

    "The right to procure property and to use it for one’s own enjoyment is essential to the freedom of every person, and our other rights would mean little without these rights of property ownership" -Thomas Jefferson

  2. Obama in bed with Big Oil Says:

    Communism is our biggest enemy besides the Liberals.

  3. Franklin Delano Roosevelt Says:

    Surprisingly I might agree, especially with Tom Paine.
    However you should be able to own the land your house is on.

    I know in Hawaii, all beaches are public. It makes it that much more unique.

  4. Bad Smartass Says:

    Ownership of too much property is evil. Share the land, shake a hand.

  5. Cactus Jack Says:

    The fruits of our labor produce income that enables us to buy land. Pretty simple concept.

  6. Cameron Says:

    You’re actually stepping into an ancient argument here, one that predates Hammurabi and the Pharaohs. I actually own the house I live in and about 5 acres of undeveloped land, and it does make me less free. As a property owner I have a social and legal obligation to care for the land I own, and must pay the taxes on it or forfeit it to the county authorities. So, yes, there is a trade-off. One must determine for him- or herself if property ownership is something he or she wants from life.

  7. mountain man Says:

    would you like helter-skelter?, and fighting for a place to put your tent or park your wagon train? don’t own land hey?, well i do, and i like the little spot of dirt i call home which by the way i worked hard to get. nobody owns land, they just have it for awhile. i guess the system works if you do things right. it’s fair ole buddy because everyone has the same chance as any one esle has.

  8. boundaries Says:

    Land ownership gives you freedom. If you are prepared to put in the effort, and live within your budget and buy a house and land within your budget, then you have the security of owning your own home that will be mortgage free in your old age. You have to pay rent, so why not pay off a mortgage instead. In New Zealand most land is on freehold title. I’d never buy leasehold because you don’t own the land and the owner of the land can tell you to remove your house from the land when the lease on the land is up. It is up to you to take care when purchasing, and the decision is yours.
    Owning land gives you freedom. A lot of small business owners get started by using their homes as security. Owning a home gives you lots of opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise have if you didn’t own a home.
    In New Zealand we have the ‘Queens Chain’ on the shoreline and around rivers and lakes that gives the ordinary bloke in the street the right to cross private land so as to have access to these lakes, rivers, and the beach. So this ‘ordinary bloke’ privilege has been given to us by the Monarch in England who is the head of our Parliamentary constitution in New Zealand. That’s why I’d never want to be a Republic.
    Parents and kids would be denied access to beautiful lakes and rivers to go fishing if we didn’t have the ‘Queens Chain’. Also we wouldn’t have access to our beautiful beaches that are public. Three cheers for the Monarchy and our Parliamentary constitution.