Is mineral oil a petroleum based product and can it be used safely as a lubricant during coitus?

Because, Raunchy Magazine™ had an article (their Spring issue), suggesting that petroleum based products, (ie. Vaseline ®), should not be used, internally.

Thank you for your time, I eagerly await your answers.
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9 Responses to “Is mineral oil a petroleum based product and can it be used safely as a lubricant during coitus?”

  1. Liberty SuperFly Says:

    It seems like someone is always trying to tell me what I can and can’t put in my vagina. It’s like there’s all these bossy know-it-all vagina police running amok and causing panic with their lurid tales of mineral oil mishaps and embarrassing trips to the emergency room for bottle return services. WTF???

  2. Jasper Says:

    Yes and it should not be used as a lubricant nor placed in the vagina. While there are actually food grade mineral oils and it is sometimes used to aid constipation, it generally is not recommended for internal use and some studies indicate it can cause skin cancer. Widely used in cosmetics though. If you need a lubricant, by a vaginal lubricant like KY at a drug store. Few people need lube though, since the female tends to produce plenty.

  3. Dave K Says:

    Why are you using a lubricant internally? Is this in the right category?

  4. Dan H Says:

    KY Jelly or Astroglide. It’s not that expensive and available from your local grocery store or pharmacy – it’s right next to the condoms.

  5. j0e c00l Says:

    For rough hard sex, I prefer to slather it up with Crisco.


  6. Dead Parrot Society☮ Says:

    Oddly, you can swallow such petroleum products, but these non-water soluble products should never go up your corn hole.

  7. Angus Beefhart Says:

    I see you were paying attention during English class. She must’ve been really classy to teach someone of your class so well. Or was it just experience?

  8. Crash Fu™ Says:

    Pam makes a nice low cholesterol spray.

  9. slave2luv Says:

    Yes,that’s fine but never use it as a lube in the exhaust pipe of a sexy car that’s been run hard