Is my math correct? With this modest estimate, could drilling in ANWR?

equal over 5 years of our current total oil production?

Read here:

here is a small synopsis:
Although little oil and gas exploration has taken place in ANWR…….
(65 miles west of the coastal plains)…..Milne Point, and Kuparuk oil fields are currently in production. Approximately 1.5 million barrels of oil a day are produced from these fields, representing 25% of our domestic production.

Recoverable oil estimates ranges from 600 million barrels at the low end to 9.2 billion barrels at the high end. They also reported identifying 26 separate oil and gas prospects in the Coastal Plain that could each contain "super giant" fields (500 million barrels or more).
*******26X500 million = 13 billion

so lets say 5 billion (middle of the estimates) on the coastal plains, plus 7 billion (just half of the "super" fields at a minimum of what a "super: field is) equals 12 billion barrels of oil, on a very modest estimate.

1.5million a day is 25% of our oil…
12 billion divided by 6million (100% of our current production) equals 2000 days of oil usage. That is 51/2 years of current oil production just out of ANWR on a MODEST estimate.

Just plain jim,,,, you countered yourself.

You said it takes 10 years (although in reality it takes 5), and we should "save it for a rainy day", and we should wean off of oil.

I agree with some. We need to drill now, so in 5 years, we will have the oil. In the mean time, we need to wean off of oil, and we can be completely free of foreign oil in 5 years. Sound like a plan????
Your idea is to do nothing until we immediately need it, so we go five years without oil???

5 Responses to “Is my math correct? With this modest estimate, could drilling in ANWR?”

  1. kitz Says:

    Yes,but your politics are offbase.The elitists that are controlling our government,regardless of party,will not allow it.Maybe token drilling and a drop in price by .018 cents soon,but then it will skyrocket.

  2. stratoframe Says:

    Diesel motors were originally designed to run on hemp oil.In six months a crop of hemp will provide not only reduced panic for demand,but usable oil,employment for more than only a few and bring recognition to the fact that OIL =Emergency

  3. porquemoi Says:

    Yes, and there might be more oil there than estimated. The liberals who keep blocking drilling are insane and hate America.

  4. just plain jim Says:

    I’ve got a really slick idea.

    Why don’t we save it for a rainy day when we really need it and instead of that, put together a Manhattan type of project to help ween us off of foreign and domestic oil.

    If we did that, in the 10 years it would take to develop ANWR we could be energy independent.

    The problem I see, is the speculators, stock holders, and oil fat cats won’t like that. It means less profit.

    No, my idea is not to do nothing, my idea is to say, we don’t immediately need it now, what we need to do is have a crash program that weens us off our over dependence of oil.

    There are many ways to do that, from bringing the jobs to the people, to allowing a million small super markets to spring up on every block in the US that is just as competitive price wise as the larger ones, to doing the same with the big box stores that have unfair buying power. We force people to get into their cars because of that.

    Also, what would happen if we took the profit motivation out of oil? Mexico, gas across the boarder from San Diego is $2.75 a gallon. Where do you think people go to fill up?
    Life is so simple, but we insist on making it complicated

    551 – 479 BC




  5. Wayne G Says:

    We need to drill and support ourselves and not rely on our enemies for our blood line. Thanks to the liberal left and the environmentalist extremists, we are slowly being brought to our knees. Obama is part of this liberal left agenda, so if he gets in, there’s no end in sight for keeping us on the same path. Bush has been trying to get us to drill off the coast of Florida, the Gulf of Mexico, Alaska and all the other places that the oil companies have permits to drill (remember, he’s a big friend of oil) We have more than enough oil to support ourselves, but the extremist liberal/environmentalist agenda is making us suffer. Change, change, change, more bigotry and change. Way to go dems