Is off shore drilling in the gulf safe?

136 oils and gas platforms have been destroyed in the Gulf of Mexico just since Katrina.

"Ike demolished at least 28 oil and gas platforms in the Gulf, according to data released Tuesday afternoon by the Minerals Management Service, the federal agency that oversees offshore drilling. That is nearly three times the number of facilities thought demolished on Monday, although less than the 44 platforms destroyed by Katrina and 64 platforms totaled by Rita."

19 Responses to “Is off shore drilling in the gulf safe?”

  1. Paul Says:

    NO! When are we going to pull our heads out of our asses and find another fuel besides oil?

  2. Raja Says:

    It gives the gas companies an excuse to raise the gas prices, regardless :)

  3. Pancakes Says:


  4. Walks at Night Says:

    Yes it is,

  5. Incarcerated Bert Says:

    Plus we have had 13 oil spills so far this year.

  6. Rusty Varner Says:


  7. Alpine Says:

    Yes, it is safe as long as we do it right. Build it right, regulate the procedures, inspect the pipelines…. If done right it can be safe and it can help our economy, otherwise cuba will do it, probably not the right way, and we will buy the oil and they will make the profit.

  8. Tsunami Says:

    sure its safe. i mean for guys working there its a chance they could get hurt but its ok and they are doing this pretty soon we’ll not have to worry about those mean people over seas and we can use our own gas and stuff to heck with them.

  9. Stop Ranting Says:

    AND no oiled spilled. Who would have thought. wise up!

  10. idotstick Says:

    Is crossing the street safe? There are no guarantees in life, that’s why there is insurance. Hahahahahaha.

  11. OSweet Says:

    I’m sure the platforms would have control systems to prevent spills with storms approaching.

    Nothing is perfectly safe. Need to weigh the pros and cons.

  12. Son of Liberty Says:

    And yet no big oil spills or environmental issues!

    Looks safe to me. Drill, Drill, Drill. Energy independence instead of Democratic financial support to our enemies!

    Country First, Not Last
    McCain/Palin ’08

  13. gho5t90 Says:

    I don’t mind as long as it won’t affect coastal fishing lol

  14. No Votes for Congress Says:

    Sure is. If there’s a hurricane warning, they evacuate the rig.

  15. Jason M Says:

    who cares, as long as the price of fuel comes down so i can buy more beer, bait, and ammo

  16. Dave Holman Says:

    All those platforms destroyed, and HOW MANY BARRELS spilled? less than 1% of what seeps out of the sea floor naturally?

    How many people killed? Less than get killed by solar panels and windmills, I am sure….

    So, yeah, I am gonna have to say it’s pretty safe….

  17. The Golden Buffalo Says:

    evacuate the people and let the oil residues and steel litter the ocean and it’s apperently fine by them to build new ones and treat multi million dollar platforms as disposable. I’m sure they’d love one that could ride it out or whatever. Safe, for who and what? I assume most people left. and if it cost too much they wouldn’t do it. They make money on that stuff though.

    Now is this worse hurricanes than past? is it global climate change? will the hurricanes become worse and lose many long standing things (platforms) that can’t be easily replaced? lots of things aren’t safe, that’s what hazard pay is for.

  18. southern_lady_anita Says:

    Living in Louisiana I know it’s very safe. I know people who work on these platforms and in the oil industry. There were no oil or chemical spills with this years hurricanes. I do know that the Democrat Senators have signed a bill that is full of crap. They did just what I thought they would do about Offshore Drilling. They won’t get the bill passed but will lead people that do not educate themselves, to believe that they did something good. To think that people want this Congress and Obama to run this country. I think not.

    Vote Smart!
    Consider Your Children and Grand-Children;
    Their Future Is In Our Voting Hands!

    Country First!
    United We Stand, Divided We Fall!

  19. who is #1? Says:

    The Chinese, helped by Cuba are drilling 90 miles off the coast of Florida. Do you think they care if it’s safe?

    American drilling practices are perfectly safe for the environment and the men.

    If you want perfect safety, stay out of your kitchen and never handle knives, most accidents happen in the home.