Is petroleum jelly a bad thing to use as body lotion?

I use petroleum jelly all over my body because it makes my skin super soft. but someone told me that it was bad for your skin. so is it bad?

6 Responses to “Is petroleum jelly a bad thing to use as body lotion?”

  1. Ashley Says:

    The reason people say that it’s bad for your skin is because they think it clogs pores. However, this is not true, so go ahead and use it

  2. D Says:

    It isn’t bad unless you’re applying it to open pores. If you have a cold shower it will close your pores and then your skin will soak the jelly up rather than your open pores becoming blocked by it because it is a thick substance.

  3. scouser_babe Says:

    If you enjoy the softness of petrleum jelly and are worried. then why not try baby oil? its just as good and soaks deeper into your skin

  4. Newell Says:

    no not at all…..:)

  5. Nayi Says:

    Shandi, there’s a reason they call it petroleum jelly. It comes from the same sourcef they make engine oil for a car. Would I rub engine oil on myself. Likely not.

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