Is petroleum jelly good to put on my new tattoo?

It’s drying up a lot.
And real itchy.
So i was wondering, about petroleum jelly??
Dont tell me to put A&D on it, I already know about that stuff.

27 Responses to “Is petroleum jelly good to put on my new tattoo?”

  1. tatt_bratt Says:

    I guess it is time to jump in on this one…

    To those who so highly criticize petroleum jelly while singing the praises of A & D – read ingredients – A & D is actually riskier than just plain pure petrolatum because it also contains lanolin and many people react to that. The bottom line is they all contain petroleum jelly – Vaseline, Aquaphor, antibiotic ointments, A&D.

    This ONLY creates a problem for possible ink loss if you apply it incorrectly. People think that if a little is good, a lot is great. That is the problem. It should never be applied so that you can see it on top of the skin. In fact, many artists like it applied and then blotted off with a clean dry paper towel to be sure you only have a very light veil of protection. It should never be so much that it gets on clothing, etc.

    So follow your artist’s directions – most prefer lotions because their clients put too much of these ointments on and wreck the tattoos.

    Another "Myth Buster"….
    Skin does not "breathe", boys and girls….certainly not in the sense described here.

  2. hightek1320 Says:

    I’ve heard about people using petroleum jelly, but I would think that it doesn’t let as much air get through and help the tat heal. I used A&D on mine, partially because that is what everyone told me, but also, i find petroleum jelly way too messy. Maybe try lotion like Curel or something (unscented)

  3. boogie Says:

    no..the place u got ur tattoo should sell a cream that they put u after the tat…if not then ask them where and what the best kind is

  4. xgurl3eb Says:

    I just use an unscented lotion like curel, lubriderm or eucerin. It’s worked great for me every time, plus your tattoo needs to breathe a bit to help it heal, lotion will let your pores breathe rather than just covering them up.

  5. Marc G Says:

    You shouldn’t be putting petroleum jelly on any open wounds or scrapes…it’s seriously unhealthy.

    Anti-biotics will help. Avoid getting the area wet…and it’s supposed to scab over and peel off. Avoid scratching, you might accidentally peel off some of the ink and need a retouch from the inker. Good luck!

  6. Fenix Says:

    U may not want to use diaper rash ointment but its what tattoo artists recomend and its what i recomend. Apply it liberley, and several times a day. it works and releives the itch.

  7. ~~ali~~ Says:

    no because it won’t let your skin breathe, and it’ll take longer to heal. try an unscented moisturiser, or proper tattoo aftercare stuff.

  8. mimi_bailey Says:

    NO NO NO NO NO……owner of a tattoo shop myself…i’m teling you right now that PETROLEUM JELLY
    it will mess your tatt up so bad!! it will block air from going in…and pull the color out. just chill… peeling means healing… itchy means healing…just put the A&D on about 5-6 times a day…SMALL amounts so thin you can’t even feel it on your skin…smaller is better in this case…it will heal just fine if you stick with this….

  9. Stacy Says:

    If i remember correctly you are supposed to put A&D/petroleum jelly on it for the next 48 hrs. After that use lotion for a week or so to keep it moist.
    Mine did feel like it dryed up fast. It also peeled. I suggest to lotion it realy good, even when you go to bed at night.

  10. tattooman Says:

    well if you know about A&D why are you asking about petroleum jelly

  11. Auts13 Says:

    NO don’t use that go to the store and get no scented lotion that does not have vitamin E or aloe in it, you need to keep you tattoo from drying out, WHAT EVER YOU DO DONT ITCH IT! you can pull your color out doing that just keep lotion on it and when ever it starts to itch just put a little dap of lotion on this should help!

  12. Natzidielly L Says:

    I think that’s how it’s spelled.
    Or uhm white unscented lotion.

  13. Devilish Girl Says:

    First off petroleum jelly is practically the same as A/D ointment just with some antibacterial additives. I cannot believe that a tattoo shop owner would still recommend putting it on your tattoo ! WOW, Anyway I would recommend using an unscented fragrance free type lotion eucerin, or the cheapy versions work really well, put a pea sized amount on your tattoo rub lightly as possible and any excess lotion you should dab off with a paper towel again as lightly as you can just pat. peeling and itchy is good means the tat is healing well , don’t itch….. you know the drill ;P
    hope this helps

  14. zoderoogie Says:

    DO NOT put petroleum jelly or any kind of vasilene on your healing tattoos. It doesn’t allow for the tattoo to heal properly because it will sufficate the tattoo. You will end up with a tattoo distorted and the color will have a musty look to it. Remember, your skin needs air to heal properly.

    Any lotion that doesn’t contain any dyes or perfumes is your best bet to use on a newly done tattoo.

    The drying, peeling, and itching is completely normal for any tattoo. The main reason you use lotions on a healing tattoo is to allow the peeling to more easily fall off. NEVER pick at your tattoo. Picking can cause scabbing, which leads to scarring, and at the end you will end up with the scarred and distorted tattoo.

  15. Patty R Says:

    when I got my tat the guy petrolatum jelly when coloring it in he said it spreads the color better. Is this true ?

  16. skrony jonny Says:

    they will use the petroleum jelly when they are giving the tattoo and thats just cause it helps the ink run better with the gun, or like you said it spreads the color(ink) better. yes thats true

  17. lisa Says:

    I put petroleum jelly on my tattoo and it looks just fine

  18. Taylor123 Says:

    So i have a question? When it itches what the hell am i supposed to do? Because my tattoo is on my back & it bothers the hell outta me because it itches.

  19. trina Says:

    I just got my tattoo done like the 1st of october then waited 2 days and had it redone or touched up. Then put petrolum jelly on it and woke up the other day and it was scabby and the tattoo started peeling and it looks like my ink is coming off what should I do? Should I redo it? And by the way how long does it take for the tattoo to actually heal?

  20. nicole Says:

    Petroleum jelly is 100% safe to use as i have used it on all of mine w/ no issues of any kind nor have my tats faded! The tattoo shop i got mine done at has been in practice for years and suggest both jelly and a&d (its a preference thing basically). Just use a very small amount and spread it really thin!

  21. jayme smith Says:

    No no no a&d only or lotion

  22. haley locca Says:

    I think you (should not use petroleum jelly) because it fadded my tat last time & it causes it more to get ichty & scab .

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  26. A.J. Jester Says:

    i got my first tat and i heard so many thing to use…. what do i use i used a and d and petroleum jelly?!?!

  27. Broonz Says:

    Just got my new tat, and with all these i’m fucked up. i don’t know what to use anymore, i want my tattoo to look good and not dull or faded