Is petroleum jelly, or Olive oil better for your eyelashes?

I’m trying to thicken and Grow out my eyelashes. I’ve read online everywhere petroleum jelly helps just alittle bit, how about olive oil? And which is better then the other?

4 Responses to “Is petroleum jelly, or Olive oil better for your eyelashes?”

  1. Sarnaath Says:

    Neither will help grow thick eyelashes. What they’ll do in coat your eyelashes and make them appear thicker. The cells that produce your eyelashes simply don’t care (i.e. are not affected by) what you smear on your eyelashes. I would think mascara would work best, but if you can’t afford that then Vaseline since it is more viscous than olive oil.

  2. P00KlE Says:

    Petroleum is a byproduct of gasoline. Not good for your skin and it also clogs pores. I don’t think you should even be using it around your eyes anyway.

    Olive oil is natural and contains vitamins A, E, K, and B.

  3. simi_krishna2003 Says:

    Apply pure castor oil on your eye lashes daily before going to sleep.

  4. BeautyTips Says:

    I’ve heard that petroleum works, but honestly these are your eyes…you probably don’t want to cause harm. If you’re really set on using petroleum jelly, try using a product called unpetroleum jelly. it’s natural doesnt have any of the icky stuff. have you considered using a lash growing product? if you have any questions find me at