Is petroleum jelly safe to use on our skin?

I’ve heard that mineral oil and petroleum jelly wasn’t good for us. I couldn’t find anything on why this is.. I’ve been using it on my skin. Some people swear by it.

Is it okay to use for skin?

4 Responses to “Is petroleum jelly safe to use on our skin?”

  1. Jay. Says:

    Well, petroleum jelly acts a barrier. It doesn’t necessarily moisture our skin because it’s not absorbed, unless you put on lotion first then petroleum jelly. Like that, the lotion will be absorbed and nothing else will penetrate the barrier caused by the petroleum jelly. It’s basically a skin protectant and can speed up the healing process.
    Many people say petroleum jelly isn’t safe because it’s made out of oil, and while that is true many people continue to use it because the pros outweigh the cons.
    It is safe, but I wouldn’t use it all the time by itself because our skin can depend on it and eventually stop making oils (Which can lead to dry skin) until you stop using it.

  2. notyou311 Says:

    Yes. Some people use it as a moisturizer.

  3. Amy Says:

    YES!! It is completely fine I promise you, although if you break or something it is probably not a good idea to use on your face. I use it all of the time so don’t worry about it at all :)

  4. Dan H Says:

    yes, It’s safe. It’s kind of messy for a body rub and there are much better products for that. Vaseline is usually used for things like lip gloss and localized spots on the skin where you need moisturizers, Lots of people rub it on healing cuts to keep them supple and reduce scarring. I’m sure there are a million other uses.

    It’s been available for 140 years. I would think that any health detriments would have been thoroughly advertised by now.