Is Pres. Bush playing the same old games & tactics with oil?

He played fear tactics to invade Iraq, but we all know it was about controlling the oil. And once again he’s playing fear tactics about the oil economy, which in his & his oil rich cartel buddies are trying to convince the American public once again to approve of them drilling offshore & in ANWR, when the truth is they have offshore sites available to them & approved to drill, but they’re not drilling? Can anyone say "greed for future profits in the gas & oil industry?" "Get as many areas that have potential fossil fuel for profits, while Bush is still in office?"

OK, I’m bias when it comes to this issue, but it still feels like he & his cronies are trying to put one over us again, by playing on the publics fear & anger about soaring gas prices, yet it’s not in the interest of many, enviornmentally, tourism economically, & those who would profit with the short win fall of oil that would take 5 – 10 yrs. to process & supplies only last maybe 6 – 8 mths, is Bush & the Oil companies
What do you think is Bush’s reason for opening up these places for new oil developement?

One Response to “Is Pres. Bush playing the same old games & tactics with oil?”

  1. har Says:

    Yes! When two oilmen are in charge of this country, it should be no surprise that these greedy war-profiteers will make decisions to enrich themselves. That’s basic psychology! Only blind sheep will fail to see the truth about these people.

    Add: Could be that he has some ownership in those areas. I don’t see Bush doing anything ‘just for us’. Follow the money!