Is Ron Paul's HR 2415 Bill, a better plan for reducing gas prices, than the other candidates?

The other 3 Presidential candidates have mentioned ways to lower gas prices, but I think Ron Pauls HR 2415 gas price reduction act, which has a date of May 21, 2007, if it were passed LAST YEAR would be saving car owners big money right now.

{partial excerpt }

1st Session

H. R. 2415
To reduce the price of gasoline by allowing for offshore drilling, eliminating Federal obstacles to constructing refineries and providing incentives for investment in refineries, suspending Federal fuel taxes when gasoline prices reach a benchmark amount, and promoting free trade.


May 21, 2007
Mr. PAUL introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Ways and Means, and in addition to the Committees on Natural Resources and Financial Services, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned.
….And oh yes, the other 3 presidential candidates, all Senators could have introduced similar Senate bills long ago….Why Haven’t They?

To see the complete text of Ron Paul’s H.R. 2415 try this link:
Apparently this link only goes to a search engine, don’t be lazy, search for H.R. 2415 in the 110 Congress.

The bill is 12 pages long & I can paste it if anyone is interested.
In Ron Paul’s own words:

6 Responses to “Is Ron Paul's HR 2415 Bill, a better plan for reducing gas prices, than the other candidates?”

  1. DAR Says:

    Of course it is better. The ‘holiday’ without spending cuts is just more international credit card debt to which interest will be added, and Obama has proposed nothing that I know of, although I haven’t specifically researched that.

    More importantly, Ron Paul would stabalize the dollar, which is huge in this issue, since the price of oil is precisely flat next to the price of gold – it is only the dollar that has fallen.

  2. Doc II Says:

    Who is Paul Ron…there is always all of but 2 or 3 ppl talking about him.

  3. americanfreeman Says:

    Ron Paul is a joke and no one in Congress would listen to him.

  4. Cory Says:

    Why is Ron Paul a joke and if you don’t know who Ron Paul is.. look him up! My god, the guy ran (or is still running) for President. Don’t you think you should know about every candidate or can’t you vote?

    Finding oil is not the problem. The Dakotas have an oil pocket that is estimated to be as big as the pockets in Saudi Arabia… only we’re not drilling it.

    This isn’t a supply and demand issue in that the demand is greater than the supply. Part of the current problem is artificially manipulating supply combined with a US dollar that is close to worthless (worth 60 cents in Europe at the moment).

    I like some of Mr. Paul’s ideas but I’m not so sure about this one. If you do some research you’ll see that oil companies have, in the past, purchased refineries and then shut them down within a week of purchase to help inflate the price at the pump.

    I don’t think the answer is offering government perks to oil companies in any way (for building/investing in refineries).

    We need to make a massive switch toward another fuel option and do it quick. Screw these companies, their billions in profits and their massive lobby money. We had a working engine that ran off of water (converted it to hydrogen) in the 1940’s! The guy, an immigrant that the US requested move here, tried to pitch that engine for 40 years and nobody would touch it. He’s dead now but the patent is still there and we could still make use of it. Why aren’t we?

    Our current problem is by design… offering legislation that is oil product or industry specific isn’t really helping anyone. It’s the equivalent of putting a band-aid over a gunshot wound — and ignoring the missing limb.

  5. goo_head_83 Says:

    This bill sounds all right to me. But what is the cap of the Federal gas taxes? Will the money collected be enough to repair the roads? Or does he propose another way to collect money for road repair?

  6. thontz Says:

    The first two answers were very informative. Personally I could care less who authors a bill if it makes sense. Kind of like how here in Maryland slots were off limits and immoral when we had a Republican governor suggest them but now that a Democrat is in office it’s a great way to raise money.