Is Sarah Palin the best choice for VP?

John McCain has made quite a few bad choices. He voted for the Iraq war, drilling and Made a snap descission to pick Sarah Palin. For those who want to drill, Iran is changing thier cars to run on natural gas. Drilling won’t help the oil is sold on the world market and we use 25 percent and have only 3 percent. Is McCain showing good judgement?

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  1. stackoladan Says:

    No. She does not complement McCain in the same sense that Biden complements Obama. Obama showed wise judgment picking Biden. He admitted to his weaknesses and chose the most appropriate person who could fill in those weaknesses. What does Palin bring to the table? Nothing! The better choice for McCain would have been Mitt Romney. With our economy in shambles, as he himself has said, then Romney, who is a so-called expert on economics, would have been the better complement to McCain. However, McCain chose to pander women voters. He believes that because she is a woman that will make women vote for him. So, in a sense he is screaming to women that he believes they are not intelligent. Well, he will just see how intelligent they are when his plan backfires on him and Obama wins the election.

  2. Gov't Mule Says:

    Yes, you can tell by how hard the NeoLibs are crying over it.

  3. FozzieBear Says:

    She’s the best! The proof is that the Dems are crapping in their pants over this choice. If she were really so terrible, why wouldn’t the Dems keep their mouths shut and let McCain lose?

    Are we to believe that they are that self-righteous that they would point out the mistakes being made by the Republicans in order to help them?

    Come on…


  4. Gentle Fox Says:

    No, just convenient.

  5. ? Says:

    Better than Biden

  6. GirlfromUncle Says:


  7. good guy Says:

    no, she is not and no, mccain did not use good judgment.

  8. Gee Says:

    Probably not, but than Obama isn’t the best choice for President and the idiot Democrats made them their MAIN man. Tools..

  9. to_tell_the_truth_2008 Says:

    Definitely a good choice!


  10. Lost in space. Says:

    Yep.And you are way off on drilling,but i wont waste my time trying to enlighten you.

  11. ? Says:

    I think it was a great choice!

  12. Carlos R Says:

    His age is showing! he’s going crazy

  13. say good night to the bad guy Says:

    yes,latinos y latinas AGAINST obama!

  14. ? Says:

    NO> Not even close.

    This is the worst mistake McBush has made.
    I am so happy he picked her.
    He expects all the american women to be so stupid as to vote for him just because he has a woman going to the white house.

    Bad for McCain, good for Obama!!!

    Obama ’08

  15. ? Says:

    She’s pretty hot so yeah

  16. stewy Says:

    No, she is only a part of a strategy. As a woman she should quit just for being picked only because she is a woman.

  17. gcurry002 Says:

    no, i think he agree on things just because he told to agree with it.

  18. Sandy Says:

    Seriously, I wish that Palin would step down in her speech tonight. She was/is a bad choice for the Republican ticket. I think that McCain may very well be regretting his choice now, but would never go back on his word. She needs to do the right thing for her party. Otherwise, the Dems may very well have it.

  19. KingOfCrusaders Says:

    McBush has anger management issues, a track record of bi-polar explosions and shoot from the hip / uninformed decision making. He’s a loser. Too bad about his days as a prisoner but a wise man would have not been in Vietnam in the first place.

  20. Gorgeoustx VOTE THE FUNDIES OUT Says:

    Palin is a good choice if you want your children taught that "satan planted those fossils."

  21. Progressive Says:

    Remember every four years America is tricked by the GOP; this is how we ended up with President Bush/Chenny and a potential McCain/Palin. The country can’t afford four more years with our economic plight in disarray.

  22. Hani G Says:

    No shes the worse choice!

  23. Shar~N~thoughts Says:

    HELL NO…..

    MC CAIN is senile….

  24. Emma M Says:

    i dont think so bu who knows u can never see inside anyones head (especially a polotician’s) all we can do is wait nothing has canged so far

  25. Noppe Says:

    Of course she’s not "best". That would be theoretically impossible.

    Jesus would be better.

  26. Whiny liberal crybabies! Says:

    no snap choice getting her.
    he made a great pick. an american mom and family that knows exactly what its like in the real world.
    going through real life american family problems that all american family go through.
    also proof that no matter what you teach your kids, how you raise them, they will still do what they want.

    at least this kid is going to marry the father.
    at least this teenager knows who the father is.
    at least this kid will not abort and have america pay for the abortion the way all the other liberals do.

    thats the liberals answer to everything, abortion, have america pay for it, welfare, have america pay for it.

    and you cant use the war thing as an issue anymore, Biden voted for the iraq war also.
    3 months ago on CNN biden said he STILL believes there are weapons of mass destruction in iraq.
    Biden ALSO FORCED bill clinton into desert storm. lol, biden, the true war monger!!!

  27. Steven B Says:

    Totally not the best choice for VP, and he hasn’t been showing good judgment for a while now…

  28. dawnw1000 Says:

    Yes, Palin is the best choice for us. She has real experience being a real family, with real issues. How many times have we heard that elected officials don’t know about real America? Well, there ya go. A real person, with real issues, with a real family.

  29. Yosi Says:

    Yeah right. Republicans are just goign along with Palin because at this point they are stuck with her. Have they actually looked at the others who were up for the republican vp? All of them are better qualified than Palin. That is the truth.

  30. razzle Says:

    I think that Hilary Clinton made such a splash when she was running for president, that having a VP woman run was a genius idea on McCain’s part. The fact that her daughter is pregnant is WAY better. Americans love people in office they can relate too…

    I haven’t decided exactly who I am for or against in the presidential race yet, but I can tell you that choosing Sarah Palin was probably the best decision McCain could have made….

  31. Donkey Lips Says:

    Yes, she will unite the party in a way Romney, Libermann, and Huckabee could not have.

  32. Batik Says:

    In a nutshell, the largest city in Alaska is around 360 people and also about 40% of the population of the entire state.

    I live in a city of 1.5 million bounded by several other cities that are growing. Our mayor is a good person, a popular mayor and does a good job with many things. I do not think in any way Palin could handle his job and I do not think he has the basic all around experience to be a VP of the United States but he is about 5 times more prepared than Palin.

  33. Plowmaster Says:

    Snap decision??? The man took weeks and weeks to vet and interview many people. You are all terrified because he made an excellent choice and one the Democratic Party was not willing to do, a woman. The facts are that people are human and have human flaws, but the out and out sexism that is coming out of the democratic party and attacking the woman’s family and kids??? Should we start in on Obama’s kids??? Should we start asking Obama if that was his daughter 5 months pregnant would he in his words "not punish his daughter with a baby" and force the girl to get an abortion?

    Get it through your brain. Drilling gets us oil, tire inflation gets a bunch of compressed air. Drilling gets the oil we need for the economy of now. The Ethanol disaster has brought upon us not only a fuel that pollutes more and gets less MPG, but has brought WORLD hunger. That is the alternatives that you want over the proven oil?

    Are you showing good judgement by drinking the libs kool-aid?

  34. baseballkrba_10 Says:

    McCain made a brilliant choice in VP. Look, she is dominating Yahoo answers. She is winning over Clinton supporters like the Pied Piper. She is taking focus off McCain’s idiotic policies and complete lack of charisma and making it an issue of gender and (it is almost unimaginable) PARENTING.

    I would say that the only good decision McCain has made is picking her. The American people as well as the media are eating this up.

    Lets face it, if we start drilling tomorrow, we wont see the oil for 10-20 years. Nuclear energy is a threat to national security, and we have not ability to dispose of the waste. The Iraqi government wants us out by 2011, but McCain wants a military base. But NONE of this matters. Why? Because Palin’s daughter is pregnant. Because Palin didn’t abort her child with down syndrome.

  35. Damsel with Stress Says:

    I do not feel that the Iraq war was a bad decission, we need to drill, and Sarah is an outstanding pick… Everyone is crying for change – well, there she is… Sure she will need to learn more about foreign relations, but so will Obama. I think she represents Middle Class America pretty darn good! let see… Son going to Iraq, teenage daughter knocked up, youngest with down syndrom, but finds the time to Govern a State… I think she will do remarkable.

  36. J. Galt Says:

    Palin is the best choice McCain could ever have made. They will most certainly win. That is why the anti-McCain and anti-Palin replies to this question are so hateful and ignorantly juvenile. Those in favor of "Obama bin Biden" know they’ve lost.

  37. jones Says:

    not really