Is Stephen Harper Really Cutting Transit Prices?

If gas prices are so high & many prople would get out of their cars into public transit. Tell that to the comuters from Toronto who drive over 2 hours to get to work. Smog is everywhere in the greater Toronto. & everyone should carpool, walk, bike or take local transit. That’s maye the reason I don’t own a car, because of the gas, insurance, parking & getting your licence. In Greater Vancouver, smog is developing to the Fraser Valley Region. Where the smog develops acid rain. Destroying all crops & produce in the valley. Not to mention those green houses produces more natural gas, heating more produce in the winter & we’re paying it all for the hydro taxes & the heating taxes. I take public transit all the time. I sometimes get a ride by one of my friends. Allot of times I take transit to work.

One Response to “Is Stephen Harper Really Cutting Transit Prices?”

  1. Brad I Says:

    Stephen Harper has nothing to do with local transit prices its you local government.