Is the airfare going to go down because of low oil price?

I am planning a travel Jan-feb, 2009. Should I buy tickets now or should I wait 1-2 weeks. Do you think that the fares would come down because of lower oil prices, early next year ?

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  1. The Pink Airplane Says:

    It is certainly a possibility; with the economy as shaky as it is, though, I’d certainly just go ahead and buy the tickets within the next couple of weeks. You’ll have a better choice of seats, too.

    And to the answer above mine, jet fuel (aka kerosene) is derived from oil. If the price of oil goes down, the price of kerosene ought to as well, possibly leading to cheaper airfare.

  2. James C Says:

    All crystal balls are broken in the present economy

  3. emma Says:

    i doubt 1-2 weeks is going to make much difference as opposed to what it’s like now, but you do what you want

  4. tester23 Says:

    Some airlines are already reducing their fuel surcharge, but it really depends

  5. krayzie3432 Says:

    nope cuz they use jet fuel