Is the best way to lower gas prices by telling the environmentalists to go to hell and DRILL for oil?

avail, did you fail econ class? of course it would knock down the price of oil and gas.

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  1. Flip-ANT Says:

    Well i for one am sick and tired of the Majority being held Hostage by small vocal Minority groups. From the Environmentalists, Gay Activists, Illegal Immigration groups and all the rest we can see the good they have brought to us! Nothing but good to themselves at the detriment of the rest of us is what!

  2. Goa Way Says:

    If gas Hits $20 a gallon they will be strangled in thier sleep

  3. lucky Says:

    or we could work to end our dependence on oil! let’s try that first!

  4. Dialectic Says:

    Social conservatives would say yes.

    I say the best way is to stop using so much of it.

  5. avail_skillz Says:

    Nope, wouldn’t do a thing.
    Oil will still cost the same, and Oil companies will keep refining capacity the same.

    There are plenty areas that need to be devloped but nobody is touching them. Has nothing to do with environmentalists.
    Its delusional to even think so.
    Price of oil has exceeded market factors for price a long time ago. Economists estimate that if oil prices relied on supply vs demand alone, it would be at about $60 a barrel.

  6. You're Kidding Right? Says:

    That would definately be leg up, but it would take 10 years before we finally start to see the benefits. What about right now?

  7. Arbgre555 Says:

    How long do you want low gas prices? If you only want low gas prices for one year then the answer would be yes. If you would like to have low gas prices and overall low energy costs for a long period of time then the answer is no.

  8. River 2 Electric Boogaloo Says:

    Um, the last time I checked, they were already telling the environmentalists to go to hell and drilling pilot holes.

    Oh, and gas prices were still high too.

  9. TJ Says:

    And while we’re at it, lets close every church in America- since there is such a thing as seperation of church snd state.

  10. LeAnne Says:

    Now that’s a novel idea – drill for more of our own domestic supplies.
    WAAAAAY too simple and logical to ever happen.

  11. WannaHug? Says:

    yeah those bloodsuckers are driving huge SUVs screaming no no save the birds save the grizzies

  12. prekinpdx Says:


  13. arcanum70 Says:

    New oil found in the Dakotas, but, we can’t drill because of some chipmunk or something stupid like that, oil off our coast, we can’t drill, but, China has an offshore rig off the coast of Florida.

    I say we force the environmentalists to live off the land for a year, with absolutely no modern technology. After 99% of them die the other 1% won’t be enough to stop us from doing whats right.

  14. Ed F Says:

    Yes and build more refinerys and build clean nuclear plants.

  15. smartbagel Says:

    How about we just get rid of Gas and use good fuel like hydrogen? That way everybody’s happy!

  16. huckleberryjarod Says:

    If Bush was that interested in drilling for oil in Alaska, all he would have had to have done, is declare the oil situation a national emergency and in the interest of national security he could have demanded the Corps of Engineers to start the process.
    The man seems to be able to get around congresss on every other thing he wants to do so you’re telling me some tree huggers stopped him from drillin in Alaska, that’s Bull chit!
    He’s a coward and you guys are suffering due to his cowardice, that has always been the case and it still is today.
    A real leader, would have gotten this done, there is enough support for it nationally and a couple of farr left liberals would not have stopped him. You people are suckers to the 3rd power.

  17. chattterus Says:

    No, the best way is to develop technologies like TCP which changes agriculture waste into oil. There are 6 billion tons of agricultural waste that could be made into 3 billion barrels of oil every year. Most of that waste just rots in the field right now.

    We need to get off of this ethanol kick and expand into more technologies.

  18. DONALD T Says:


  19. fangtaiyang Says:

    There is no need to drill for more oil. There is potentially enough oil for decades without creating new supplies. Gasoline prices will go down a little but not all that much as we adjust to the new higher prices and learn to accept them.

  20. Griggnax Says:

    No. Who do you think is going to pay for the additional expense of developing the infrastructure needed to drill, transport and refine the additional oil. The oil conglomerates, out of the goodness of their hearts? NO! The cost will be passed on to the consumer.
    And when that oil runs out, then what???
    The best way to lower the price of oil is to lower demand. Don’t use it in the first place!

  21. pink_angel Says:


    Why don’t you think about why the media is trying to distract you with environmentalists not wanting us to drill in the US. Just to divert the responsibility of Big Oil putting raising gas prices. Then they can say "Well the liberals won’t let us drill for oil in our own country" BLAH BLAH BLAH. What do they REALLY not want you looking at? Why don’t you THINK for a change instead of reacting to media talking points?

  22. Greg Says:

    And how will that discourage investors from persuing higher returns in funds that include commodity indexes?

    You do know how the price of oil is set, and you do know what has been happening on the commodities exchanges and with commodity indexes and such, right?

    I wouldn’t want to think you are dumb as dirt.

    The way things stand, I have to think that if you generalized this market mythos you subscribe to that you must have been thinking we just needed to build more houses to make the housing prices come down during the housing/mortgage debt expansion bubble and so on.

  23. shut up dummy Says:

    use the earth first generation as the drill bits too…..lmao

  24. Dustin B Says:

    It may be better to ask the gov. to reduce funding for space exploration .Do we realy need to know the weather patterns on mars ? Hell the weather channel can barly predict weather here on earth . But billions still get dumped into programs that will have no possitive effect on our cost of living. The gov. could put more money into different fuel and energy sources instead of letting the gas companys keep raping the people that realy cant afford it . We still have people in this country that have to choose food or medication . Im not hating the player just the game,there are ceos for oil companys making millions a year,for what job? Buying gov officials?? I may just be venting ,sorry .