Is the Democratic congress waiting to lift their offshore drilling ban so that Bush will not get credit?

When Bush lifted the Presidential ban on offshore drilling on July 14th, oil and gas prices immediately fell as a direct result.
Bush asked Congress to follow suit by lifting the Congressional ban on offshore drilling which would lower gas prices even more.
Is the Democrats dislike for Bush greater than their desire to service the need of the common people to pay less for gas by lifting the offshore drilling ban?
Surely, we can’t wait for 30 years for alternative fuels while gas prices continue to rise, but we can do both more drilling and developing alternatives at the same time.
It’s not like we can only do one or the other simultaneously. Maybe the rich Congress can wait, but can we?
I get my facts on gas prices from the price I pay at the pump.
This shouldn’t be about politics, it should be about the need of the commoners.
Hopefully they can arrive at an agreement.
Bush is already so low on approval that this shouldn’t matter.

16 Responses to “Is the Democratic congress waiting to lift their offshore drilling ban so that Bush will not get credit?”

  1. bostonianinmo Says:

    Read the Congressional Record! They’ve already offered to lift it, returning the call to the States. This was debated in Congress LAST WEEK, however there are a few conditions that have been soundly rejected by the Republicans:

    1. All oil from Alaska must be kept for domestic use ONLY. A lot of it is actually exported now, primarily to Japan.

    2. The so-called "Enron Loophole" that allows unmonitored and unregulated speculation in energy markets by US speculators (who are powerful enough to drive the global markets) will be closed.

    3. All Federal oil leases will henceforth be "Use or Lose." In other words, the oil companies will have to exploit the 68,000,000 acres currently held along with any new leases or LOSE them. They will no longer be able to squat on them in their attempts to drive up prices.

    You’ll have to ask your Republican representatives in Congress why they rejected those conditions. Frankly, they sound reasonable to me. Maybe they’re a bit too "pro consumer" for the Republicans. If that’s the case, screw ’em. They’ll be looking for work in November.

    Congress may bring it back up for debate one more time this week. If it fails again, it will be tabled until the new session after the new year where passage will pretty much be assured regardless of who is in the White House. Congress will have a cloture majority in the Senate and a veto-proof majority in both houses so the White House will be irrelevant even if McCain wins.

    The Dems are happy to let Bush have his "victory" on this one. Not that it will change anything any time soon. It will be a decade at least before a drop flows from the newly authorized off-shore areas or ANWR due to technical reasons — it DOES take years and billions of dollars to build an off-shore drilling platform and move it into place — but the Republicans obviously cannot stomach the conditions.

  2. Dave87gn Says:

    Offshore drilling is just another gimmick by the right that wont do sht

  3. Ivan Talibari Says:

    We are going to drill in Cuba first.
    We know there is petroleum underground.

    but we might democratize the island first

  4. Sassy One Says:

    After Bush ends the war, gets gas prices down, reinstates honor in the White House, stops sending jobs overseas, so that Obama doesn’t get credit for it.

  5. Ghost of Eugene Debs Says:

    They aren’t going to lift the oil drilling ban because it’s just a way to distract stupid people, it won’t affect anything. They learned from their mistake when they allowed Bush to invade Iraq based on lies.

  6. katherine n Says:

    this democommie congress is slowly turning the U.S. into the socialist state they have been trying to get since Viet-Nam.

  7. Jacob W Says:

    You are right on the money. The Democrats are well invested in our economic failure. What is bad for America is good for Democrats. What is good for America is good for Republilcans.

    VOTE REPUBLICAN! What part don’t people get?


  8. machew72 Says:

    Offshore drilling is so expensive that it wont lower gas prices at all. You are a fool to believe that this is a viable option. Face it, the oil worth drilling in the world has peaked. No matter what we drill, the supply will just be offset by more demand from China and India. Maybe they should make macro-economics manditory for high school graduates.

  9. pip Says:

    maybe they would lift it one day… maybe they won’t…. but you are just as likely to have the Democrats lift a drilling ban during an election year as you are to have the Republicans tax big business.

  10. letstalkpolitics61 Says:


  11. justagrandma Says:

    Since the lifting of the presidential ban would do nothing without the removal of same by congress that would tend to make your argument moot. It was Bush’s father, who signed the moratorium on offshore drilling.
    I’m sure the oil companies are aware they will not be able to overcome congress as easily as they did the president.
    Oil futures do not rise and fall on a possible ability to drill and get oil five to seven years in the future.
    You can’t overlook the fact that while we sell the leases, we do not drill the oil, and so the oil ceases to be ours. It belongs to the oil company, and they are in business to make a profit for their stockholders. They will not sell oil cheaper to Americans. Even if they drill it under American soil.

    If you are concerned about cheap oil and energy independence then you should be aware that the only way to assure that is to nationalize the oil fields. And that is not what Americans want to hear. We believe in open and free markets.
    Or we did, until now.

  12. sensible_man Says:

    You obviously get your facts from Republican/Oil company websites. Big oil has leases on 68,000,000 acres of land. 33,000,000 of these acres are offshore leases. They are not drilling on this land. Wait until Congress tries to pass the "use it or lose" bill and see who complains the most. I see Florida Republicans are jumping on the bandwagon now, after these years of saying "you can’t drill off of our shores".

  13. Alley S Says:

    Well since no one outside the gulf south understands this let me explain. We have enough rigs, in fact we have rigs just sitting there waiting since we do not have enough oil refineries to refine the oil to keep up with demand. We are trying to lift the ban so we can claim area off of Alaska & Florida before Cuba and Russia get to it.
    Thank California & Chicago for higher gas prices since they forced 2 refineries in the gulf south to change over so they can have ethanol fuel. They also made us eat the cost of that.

  14. Moody Red Says:

    We would be drilling now if Clinton had not banned it and we would not be so dependent on foreign oil. I don’t understand their reasoning, it just seems they will continue to halt real progress, and yet call themselves "progressives!’

    Alternative energy sources are in the least, decades away, and we could be independent of foreign oil between 3 and 7 years from now. China, Cuba, and Russia are drilling offshore and on the outer shelf. Why should we pay them for what is ours? Drill Anwar!

    Democrats are all about defeating America!


  15. GobyDude Says:

    Even if they lifted the ban it would take years to develop those resources. Then, oil companies would need to keep their prices high in order to pay for the cost of exploiting those oil resources. It takes money to drill for stuff miles underwater and even more miles underground, you know. Because of this, I don’t think the Democrats are planning to ever lift the ban.

  16. Question Everything Says:

    The truth is oil prices will not be affected by US offshore drilling. Oil prices are determined by global supply and demand. The US does not have large enough oil resources to significantly impact global supply. The US produces only a small fraction of the total global supply. The insignificant increase of US oil production from more offshore exploration would come many years from now and have no significant impact on prices.

    On the other hand, the US consumes a very large share of the total global supply of oil. We could have a very significant impact on oil prices by reducing oil consumption through conservation and increased use of renewable energy sources. In fact the reason for the recent decline in oil prices is the decline in demand that was caused by the prices being so high. The Republican claims of instant price declines as a result of a lift on a ban of US offshore oil drilling is complete nonsense intended to mislead people who don’t know better.

    Another fact is that oil is a finite resource. Desperate attempts to pump it out of the ground and burn it ASAP will not solve any problems, but the damages to the environment cause very real long term problems.

    Please read the sources below. Please feel free to do your own research to verify what is true.