Is the Obama administration to blame for energy shortages?

With their moratorium on oil drilling, still to this day
Their obstructionist attitude to new drilling for oil, natural gas and coal

Can we safely say that Obama is creating an energy crisis?
I agree that the Ethanol fiasco is unfortunate. To subsidize an energy source that is more expensive, more corrosive to engines and more polluting, is just dumbfounding; Unless you look at it as a kickback, and earmark for a vote, payoff to the corn growing lobby.

7 Responses to “Is the Obama administration to blame for energy shortages?”

  1. Thorcorn™ Says:

    Yes the Obama regime is to blame for energy shortages, fuel prices and starvation for continuing to fund ethanol.

  2. David Says:


  3. Gene Splice Says:

    The Caribou are to blame with their grazing on land rich with oil.

  4. Growth vs Oil Says:

    No, Texas is growing faster then a conservative can keep up because they don`t believe in infrastructure.

  5. John J. S Says:

    uh, no. Oil and gas companies have been making record profits for a decade now. It is called vertical Integration. They control the oil from the well head to the gas pump. They have been running the refineries at 80% to keep oil supplies low and draw down stocks.

    So now the free market people want to blame market manipulation by the oil companies on the president. How bizarre.

  6. g Says:

    I remember when Grey Davis was the Gov. of Calif…. and everyone blamed him for the blackouts…

    then a few years later, we found out Enron created the shortage intentionally to drive up prices…

    I would bet it’s more of this than Obama’s doing…

  7. New California Republic Says:

    because of the idiot bureaucrats Texas hasn’t been able to build a new power plant in years. It’s like Soviet East Germany all over again with all of the rolling blackouts going on.