is the price of oil and gas as high in the UK since they are fighting the war with the USA? how much of a …?

difference in price is there in USD plz? Sorry don’t feel like figuring out the exchange rate myself and lost my chart LOL
well that is the conversion chart yes LOL but i asked about oil and gas there as well. that was my main question actually.
holy crap that makes us look like we are taking everything in our lives for granted doesn’t it?
rich i knew it was always higher i was wondering how much they had increased as well.

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  1. jason c Says:

    Currently at my local garage I am paying £1.21 a ltr for unleaded and £1.35 for Diesel!!!!
    The government in the UK take a huge portion of this price as tax, I am unsure how much additional revenue they have taken since the prices started to rise but I know that the news is full of stories about haulage companies that are closing and taxi companies are starting to lay people of.
    The government say the reason for the high prices is due to the shortage of oil in the world market. However if they were to cap the amount of tax they receive from fuels at a fixed level, then the huge increases would not be as bad as they currently are.
    Interestingly the difference between the cost of petrol and diesel continues at a pace as the government incentives people to buy diesel cars in the 80’s and now there is a capacity problem.
    To add insult to injury the government have started a TV campaign telling people to inflate there tires correctly, reduce there speed and remove un-necessary items from there trunks!!!!!
    Not to worry, when the revolution comes I know who will be first up against the wall.

  2. Jake B Says:

    Answering your question with a site ( you can enter conversions into search field. IE enter: USD to GBP which tells you: 1 U.S. dollar = 0.505944852 British pounds

  3. owain s Says:

    The current exchange rate is about $1 USD = 0.52 Pounds Sterling.

    UK prices for petrol is around $USD 8.50 /US Gal.

    Puts the US "high prices" in perspective, does it not?

  4. rich k Says:

    The gas prices in Europe have nothing to do with the war. I used to live in the UK, gas at around $6.00(US) a gallon was common in ’92, currently prices in France and German are even higher. That is why they have been concentrating on mass transit and alternatives for decades. The US is the only industrialized nation where oil usage is still going up, with less than 5% of the world’s population and only 10% of the world’s oil reserves we use 25% of the world’s oil and 40% of the world’s energy. Makes you wonder how long our people think we can keep it up.