Is the price of oil going down just because elections are coming soon?

Seems like we have the same old mid-east crisis,hurricanes,Alaskan pipeline down,Iran with nukes,Chavez still whacky.. Are we going to get suckered into voting republican and have the prices skyrocket right after election?

11 Responses to “Is the price of oil going down just because elections are coming soon?”

  1. J T Says:

    Yes. Evidence below:

    1) 2000 Bush v. Gore – Gas prices soared (but not to the levels we’ve seen since) and Bush campaign made much of lack of oil policy under Clinton. It hurt Gore really bad, because Gore was at the time also talking about global warming and the need to clear emissions.

    2) Bush friendly with Saudi Arabia AND with Texas oil refinery business (Hint-Hint – who has profited nicely since Bush won in 2000). His friends can raise or drop prices at will – its connections to oil that control prices in America. Bush has lots of oil connections. They will drop prices until elections are over in order to guarantee Republicans get re-elected and the oil refineries can then raise prices and continue to polute with Congressional support.

    3) Gas prices drop for NO reason just as Bush begins to rally the public to elect republicans some 90 days from now.

    Oh, yeah. Bush Administration has, and will, control gas prices to serve their purposes at the drop of a hat (even if its only to continue enriching the "good ‘ol boys" in Texas who fund his elections.

  2. Leogirl0804 Says:

    Oil is traded on the world market. It wouldn’t matter if we had George Bush or George Stait in office. He has nothing to do with the price of oil.

  3. pink_angel Says:

    I guess we are supposed to genuflect for George Bush because the gas prices went down 15 cents….wow. I’d rather die than vote Republican

  4. Vosot Says:

    Good question. Politicians can’t control gas prices much at all. It’s a private-sector product.

    The summer driving season has ended
    Iraq is slowly coming on board
    OPEC is pumping at capacity.

  5. shirley e Says:

    Republicans will do and say ANYTHING to keep control of congress and keep a republican president in the White House. Wait and see, there will be another terrorist attack, and gas will go back up too.

  6. Answerman Says:

    Good chance of that, I have said all along that George Bush and his cronies are profiteering from the war in Iraq, otherwise we wouldn’t be there. Now they need to win some elections. It is important to further their criminal agenda.

  7. Jen Says:

    No, it’s not as hot as it was earlier this summer…that’s why they’re going down! If the heat rises again, so will the gas prices!

  8. eyesavedhyrule Says:


  9. sdvwallingford Says:

    I hate to say it, but this may just be the market temporarily correcting itself. With crude oil at $70.00 a barrel, a lot of oil fields that were too expensive or too remote to tap have now been economically feasible to exploit. As a result, some additional oil that was withheld from the market may now be available.

    Or course, if this is the case, the reduction at the pump should be more dramatic since the increase to $70.00 was pretty rapid.

  10. Mr.Pickle Says:

    I bet you are exactly right. This type of scenario happens all the time. Bush is even admitting neglect for New Orleans. After the election is over, be prepared to bend over.

  11. Michael R Says:

    As much as Domoctats would love for you to believe that the Republicans control the oil, it is a monopoly called OPEC. OPEC controlls the gas prices and it is based on supply and demand. The summer driving and water sports have pretty much come to an end causing the demand to decrease a bit.